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Who Is Diddy? What Do U Think Of Him? Who Doesnt Know Diddy?

aiight, i was pressured to make dis thread and here it is.

alot of people here know me. some dont. some dont wanna know me but they wanna kill me.

the recent outburst of me concerning d bolex thingy was nothing personal. i just said my mind and i guess i was wrong. i got a lot of criticism concerning dat and to be honest it wasnt good. i felt like someone sitting on cool.

some said i have 2face or others said i have split personality and other said i disappointed them. what dat taught me was before u say your mind, get prepared for the bombing dat will come afterwards. i really experienced how Bush is feeling now with all those guess trying to get his Bottom.

ashi and gg wanted to have me as super. they just felt like bitting me. rhoddy was shocked and idollier was surprised.

i apologze to those i offended by my posting but i am not sorry for posting it so y'all shouldnt get it twisted. i am only sorry for hurting u guys but not for posting what i posted. so y'all should try to understand dat sometimes when people decide to say their mind, it wont always be what u wanna hear or what u expect from that person.

for the records, Bolex and I are cool and we aint beefing. i hurt him, he hurt me but we worked it out cuzz we are guys and a site wont get inbetween us.

now, i want y'all to tell me what u think about me. be honest, even if its gonna hurt(im used to pain). just say your mind. i wanna hear it.if its a good critisism, i will take it, if its a bad one, i will swallow it.

thanks y'all.

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