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How Do I Repent Again After Backsliding?

I used to live a wild life as a teenager. I used to drink go to clubs and do the normal teenage stuff not pleasing to God. After finishing school I gave my Life to Jesus Christ and served him for 3 years. There were temptations along the way, but I was truly committed and would never be caught off guard.

Last year a wonderful boy came along and we fell in love. He wanted to marry me, but my parents did not approve. I was blinded by love and eventually I fell into sexual sin. We are still together, but I have this sadness deep inside.

I regret turning my back on Christ. I cry everytime I think of the life I had before. I used to worship God and was the lead singer in church. I've dissapointed everyone, but most of all I dragged the name of Jesus Christ through the mud. How do I get back up again and what about my boyfriend?

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Who's Listening To Marvin Gaye?

I've heard of him a long time ago--actually my dad's a crazy fan. But I always thought of Marvin Gaye as a singer of soulish sex songs (Like those kind of songs usually, but he was too much of a screamer at the time). I bought the digitally remastered edition of his 1971 album "what's going on" on a whim (which, suprisingly, wasn't a sex/love song, but a response to the vietnam war), and I've been addicted ever since. I've listened to every single track consistently for over a year, and I've not been bored just yet ( I get bored with songs easily)...they must be that good.

Anyways, who has listened to any of his songs in the album? I'll list them here:

What's going on?

What's happening brother?

Mercy Mercy Me (Ecology)

Save the Children

Inner City Blues (makes me want to Holla)

God is Love

Right On

Flying High

Wholy Holy

Sad Tomorrows

There're songs he recorded with Tammi Terrell in the fifties: Aint nothing like the Real Thing, Your Love (Is All I Need), and so forth. Anyone in the same shoes as I? Which song of his do you like best?

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Ginuwine Or Usher: Who Is A Better Dancer, Singer, And Everything?

Ummmm, 2 me ehn, i dont even think these two should be compared.cuz i feel Ginuwine is way better than Usher.Usher basically is jst a very hardworking dancer.

but i feel Ginuwine doesnt really have to do too much practice and all,

cuz he's damn 2 gud!or wut do y'all think, opinion's please!who's better!

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