Are elephants endangered?

Elephants are supposed to be highly intelligent animals, their intelligence is comparable to the level of primates. However, we exterminate them, which can lead to the complete disappearance of the population.


Elephants understand the concept of death. They understand what is happening to them and their families, and even finding the bones of other elephants they are mourning for hours. Poaching elephants have a huge impact: the recovery of a number of elephants in the herds may take up to 20 years!

100 elephants are killed every day - some of them are shot from helicopters, poachers cut off the head with a machete, and often at this moment the animals are still alive. All this is done for the production of trinkets, figurines and other trinkets of ivory. In addition, this cruelty is carried out by organized criminal groups, helping to finance terrorist organizations.


But now there is a reason for hope: China has recently declared that it will gradually curtail the production of articles of ivory, and 11 US states already have introduced the laws calling for a ban on the ivory trade.

We hope that turning point in the struggle for the future of these majestic animals will come soon, and we can achieve a reduction in demand on the bone throughout ensuring the financing of campaigns in the US, Thailand and Vietnam, to do away with the largest markets ivory.

Killing the elephants is a serious business - as they are under the extinction, that is why prices on the bone are growing rapidly. Now poachers are hastily trying to kill as many elephants as possible. For 5 years, the population of elephants in Mozambique halved! In this situation, time is working against us.

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News from China provide an excellent opportunity to reverse the situation, and through large-scale campaigns in 11 US states, as well as in Thailand and Vietnam, we can help put an end to the trade in ivory tainted blood and to support innovative initiatives to combat poachers. This is what can make our global team:

  • finance the powerful information campaign in Southeast Asia and the United States for the purpose of information on there is no demand on the ivories;
  • create in Southeast Asia and the US websites to inform consumers about the animal suffering and massacre of them in order to change people's attitudes to the objects of ivory;
  • support and strengthen the conduct in Southeast Asia and the US civil actions aimed at the consumer market;
  • support for animal protection program rangers in Africa, and to support innovative initiatives (for example, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles) to monitor remote national parks.


The Avaaz program includes millions of members from around the world, from countries where saving animals is a priority to the countries in which ivory is a business. If each of us contributes, we can help stop this brutal trade and persuade people to respect the other species with which we are living on this planet. Avaaz will contribute if we collect enough money to run the campaign to save the elephants.

There is a simple choice: to take immediate action or permanently deprived of African elephants. Let us not allow that, go down in history as the generation that ruthlessly wiped out these majestic animals.  We should undertake some measures in order to secure them and to safe - having chosen a good time to battle, we will effectively fight for the trade ban, as well as promote a culture of compassion.

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