Are monkeys omnivores?

Dream to learn everything about monkey’s food? Are they omnivores, herbivores or carnivores? How to feed them in captivity? Everything you wanted to know about monkey’s feed is here!

monkeys omnivores

So are monkeys omnivores, herbivores or carnivores? Monkey - the animals that are omnivorous and the diet of each species depends on habitat. Wood Monkeys eat what they can get on the trees: leaves, buds, young shoots, nuts, fruit. Sometimes it adds to food some insects.

The feed of apes

The feed of apes

Ground monkeys have a much greater choice of feed, they eat the roots and shoots of plants, including ferns - a favorite delicacy of the gorilla. All the monkeys are different and have varied diet in addition to a variety of sugary fruit (figs, mangoes, bananas), they are happy to eat fish, shellfish, rodents, lizards, beetles, grasshoppers and everything edible they can find or catch.

The monkey sits and eats only bananas

monkey eats banana

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Some species of monkeys eat a certain type of food: for example, the Japanese short-tailed macaque eating only bark tree, cynomolgus monkeys feed exclusively on crabs and marmozets with their long incisors extract and eat gum.

Monkeys eating

Monkeys eating

Chimpanzees, besides the fact that monkeys are the only type that can create hunting equipment to facilitate the process of obtaining food, attack birds, small animals and medium-sized monkeys, including other chimpanzees. But baboons always hunt in large groups, so they are one of the most dangerous predators of the jungle.

Monkeys eating a banana

Monkeys eating a banana

There is a stereotype that all kinds of monkeys are crazy about the bananas. This is not true! Some of the monkeys do not like them, others can eat them, but without the ardent enthusiasm.

The main diet of almost all species of monkeys: the leaves and fruit. In addition, some species eat insects, bird eggs, carrion and even small mammals if they can catch them with great pleasure.

It is believed that the monkeys can eat everything and you can often meet the phrase ‘monkeys omnivores’. That is true, so with poor choice of monkey food, they can be satisfied with what they can find.

Monkeys in captivity

monkey eating sweets

Darvin considered monkeys as our primate ancestors. In some ways he's right, because the monkey can easily adapt to the human diet. In the zoo, they even drink soda if they get it, not to mention the ice cream, fast food and other human pleasures.

The feed

The feed of monkeys

How should monkey be fed in a right way? What do monkeys eat?

  • Special food for primates
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Boiled meat or fish
  • Yogurt
  • Insects
  • Cereals
  • Boiled eggs
  • Roots and tubers

cute monkey

We should not forget that the monkeys are different. Before feeding it is necessary to specify a particular type of diet and food portions to adjust the parameters of a particular individual. Primates need the variety food and vitamins.

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