Babies of what animals are the funniest?

Do you know what baby animals are the funniest and the cutest? Check out this article to see some adorable pictures of them with some interesting facts!

funny animal babies pig

The babies of some animals, even the dangerous ones’, may seem very cute and pretty from time to time. Let us observe some of the cutest and funniest baby animals.


panda baby

They are always born blind, completely helpless and totally depend on their mother. Their hair coat is very fine, and from time to time newborns appear pink. They open their eyes being six to eight weeks old.
While being young baby pandas are really awkward. And during development they act really clumsy, which makes them funny to observe. They trip, roll and fall on the ground.


koala baby

Female koalas are able to give birth to only one baby at time. Newborn tony koalas are called “joey” and just like pandas they are totally blind at birth and their features are not developed enough for movements. A joey is measured less than one inch in length.
After the birth joey lives in its mother’s pouch and living inside of it, it then develops the legs, eyes, and fur. This period continues for six months.


baby tiger

It takes a female tiger about an hour to give birth to her cubs. Baby tigers weigh only two pounds after they are born. They are also blind and totally dependent on their mother’s protection.
Little tigers nurse their mother until they are approximately 24 weeks old. They are very social and many people have desire to buy some of them as pets, especially in exotic countries.

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baby elephant

Baby elephants can be fun to watch!
They are called “a calf”. Little elephant baby weighs about 250 pounds at birth and has height about three feet. At first, they are not really able to see in proper way. However, they recognize their moms by touch, scent, and sound.
For the first couple of months they stay attached to the mothers. They consume about 3 gallons of milk a day and about four months old they start eating plants.
The main fun fact about them is that they don’t know what to do with their trunks. They swings them and sometimes even step on them.

Fennec foxes

fennec fox baby

They look pretty much as kittens. The fennec fox is the smallest of all the world's foxes. However, the size of their ears compensates the fact of being small.
The fennec foxes are very social and cute. It makes a lot of people around the world to make them their pets and care about them.


baby chimpanzee

Mother chimpanzee takes care of its baby during the period of between three and six months. As baby gets older, it starts riding around the mother’s back. When it turns three years old, it starts developing independently.
It is another baby animal that people like having as pets, as they take care of them as of the real babies. Baby chimpanzees are very social and able to understand humans.

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