Can cats see in the dark?

For a long time cats live together with people. Humans are so accustomed to cats that seem to know everything about the pet. Perhaps, a few facts about cats and their possibility to see in the dark will be accepted to the bag of your knowledge.

cats see in the dark

Everyone knows that cats can see in the dark, and indeed if you are a happy master of this pet, you have noticed that at night they are particularly active and have no problem moving around the apartment!

But now we will destroy this myth. If cats can see in the dark, that does not mean that they can see in complete darkness. Cats see because the light passing through the eyes irritates the nerve endings of the eye. Then this information goes to the brain in the form of pictures. Accordingly, in the total darkness cat will not be able to see anything, but still, they are much better oriented in the dark space, and when the light is insufficient for a person, the cat will not have a problem to see.

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cats can see in the dark

Cats, can expand and shrink their eyes more than humans, so cats can skip and save the most amount of light than people can.

That is why cats can see in the dark better than humans. This animal has more developed a peripheral vision. But at the same time, they are inferior to men in the perception of the color spectrum and clarity.

In the semi-darkness cats see better than in the darkness.

cats see in dark

Can cats see in the dark or day light better?

Cats are more active during evening and morning twilight. This fact explains the idea that they are much better than people can see in the dark. In the retina of cat's-eye, there are 6-8 times more sticks, which are sensitive to semi-dark light, compared to the human eye. This vision anatomically was developed due to their way of life and the need to survive in the wild world.

In bright light, a cat's eyes are reduced to the size of the thin needle, and in little light is expanded, almost entirely covering the cornea. Thanks to that capacity, in the twilight, cats can absorb the light better.

cats in dark

Can a cat really see in the dark?

Also, the elliptical shape of cat's eye, structure of the cornea and lining layer at the back of the eyeball that reflects light back to the retina, help to collect more light. Because of such cat's eyes structure the animal has bright and sparkling eyes at night time.

Mirror of cat's eye can change the wavelength of light perceived by it so that the animal clearly sees other animals and objects in the evening sky. Photosensitive sticks also allow cats to see moving objects better in the dark.

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