Crazy cat lady: myth or reality?

Is the crazy cat lady from a popular meme real or is she just a myth? You’ll be shocked, but she really does exist. Check out what she and her cats look like.

crazy cat lady

A crazy cat lady is not merely an action figure or a favorite costume for Halloween. She is real and here is what we know about her. A brave woman from Japan says that she is even proud to own a title of the Crazy Cat Lady. She owns twelve cats that all live under her roof.

She is the master of twelve beautiful chinchilla Persian cats. She states that she is absolutely in love with her pets and so does not care about other people’s opinion on her love to cats.

They are very friendly and are treated equally. She has no favorites. It is interesting to see how this crazy cat lady’s cats all have the different color of their fur, so when they eat she can line them up in such a way that colors are as if gradually going from the darkest to the lightest one.

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She takes good care of them and even lets them sleep all around the place. They have no boundaries or restrictions. These cats eat from the bowls of the same shape, as the lady has no time to feed each of them individually. “It takes much time to take care of twelve cats, you know!”

Her love for cats started after one day she has saved a small kitten that was lost in the middle of a street. She noticed that a kitten is confused and does not know where to move to run away from the cars going back and forth. They took the cat home, washed him and decided to leave him there as a family member.

crazy cat lady meme

After that had happened, the lady said that she wanted to help two more cats and took them from an animal shelter. However, she did not think it through, and soon her cats were having a bunch of kittens. That is when she decided to have them all sprayed to prevent further multiplication. Nevertheless, she became an owner of twelve beautiful, playful and fun cats that are now as close to her as a family.

Even though she loves them dearly, she states that having them all at the same time is not a piece of cake. They take much energy, though they bring much joy into the lives of their masters. Now, as they are all grown-ups, she can have them all do a little show. So much fun!

And the most favorite trick of the crazy cat lady (who by the way, is not at all crazy) is to make all of her cats to look at the camera when she is taking pictures. She taught them to pose after she found that they all love a feather she bought to play with them. So whenever she wants to take a picture she waves it in front of the camera, and they start paying attention.

Moreover, these cats are exclusively smart: they each know their name. So whenever she calls them up to have lunch or for any other reason, they stop and turn their heads in her direction. These cats are very amusing, and you can see it from the pictures in this article. Would you want to have so many pets in your house? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments below!

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