How does Nigerian dwarf goat look like?

If you ever heard about Nigerian dwarf goat, you probably wonder what it looks like. So here are interesting facts about this kind goat as well a few pictures of this creature.

Nigerian dwarf goat

If you grew up at a farm, you probably have heard of the well-known Nigerian dwarf goats. They look like a miniature version of a full-size goat; however, considering their behavior and a gentle manner, they are often chosen not only by the farmers, but also by whole families as a pet.

First, this goat was found in Africa, and later it was massively transported from the continent as a meal for carnivores that were taken on a ship to be brought into a zoo elsewhere. Since dwarf goats were easily transportable and very calm in their nature, they were number one food for animals captured in Africa.

Moreover, later when their kind and calm nature was discovered by farmers they started breeding dwarf goats for milking and having them as a family pet. They reach as much as 60 cm of height maximum. The average height of this animal is around 45-50 cm.  Her compact size makes it even a better pet, as it does not require too much space.

Nigerian dwarf goats

There is tradition of disbudding a dwarf goat in order to prevent any damage it can do to itself. This procedure is usually made when the goat reaches at least few weeks of age.

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Nigerian dwarf goat’s weight is significantly lower than that of a regular-size goat. It is also interesting that these animals come in different colors and have different appearances. For instance, some of them might have a beard, while other can have “frosting” around their eyes. What makes them very cute is that most of them have blue eyes.

Nigerian dwarf goats pets

Dwarf goats are easily trained. As the specialists state, children can bottle-feed the newborn goats; however, natural breastfeeding by its mother is much more preferable. Younger dwarf goats can be even taken into the house as pets, they can be taught how to behave and play with your children.

Moreover, some of the dwarf goats are even taken into the children’s hospitals and used there for post-trauma therapy, as it was scientifically proven that playing with animals as calm as a dwarf goat helps children recover.

Nevertheless, keep on mind that it is not good for adult goats to live in the house as a pet. It can severely suffer from not being able to do its daily routine like eating all kinds of hay and pasture.

dwarf goats in Nigeria

The other interesting fact about Nigerian dwarf goats is that they produce much milk. You will be surprised to learn that despite its miniature size it can give about 6 pounds of milk a day. The Nigerian dwarf goat is considered to be even a better one than a regular goat or even a cow for a number of reasons. And here are the reasons:

  1. This dwarf goat is a profitable purchase. It costs twice as less than a regular goat, while they are significantly cheaper to maintain. They eat almost everything and do not need a special pasture to start eating. Moreover, being very prolific, they produce at least 2 kids every season. This increases their capacity to give more milk. Therefore, a family can afford buying a few goats, maintaining them, and as a result will get more milk as they give birth every season.
  2. Miniature size of this kind of goats is a great benefit. It can be easily milked by children or even older people, as it does not require much effort to milk a goat that weighs less than 75 pounds. Moreover, they will need less space for “accommodation” than a cow. This is perfect for people that live in the cities and do not have much space.
    Nigerian pets dwarf goats
  3. The milk of a Nigerian dwarf goat is considered to be healthier. The fact is that cow’s milk can be digested within twenty minutes, while it takes up to a whole day for cow’s milk to digest. Moreover, it has numerous vitamins, minerals and other essential elements for human’s body. Fewer people are allergic to cow’s milk as it has no complex protein compounds.
  4. Nigerian dwarf goats’ milk can be available all year round unlike the milk of cows and other dairy goats.
  5. The taste of the dwarf goat’s milk is absolutely perfect. It is creamy and has more fat in it, which is why it is often taken to make cream and cheese out of it. Specialists also state that this kind of milk is one the most sweet one.

These reasons explain the growing popularity of the Nigerian dwarf goats that can not only provide with sweet healthy milk throughout the year but also become a great pet and a companion o you or your children.

Small nigerian goats

Considering the variety of the appearances of Nigerian dwarf goats, you can find one that you will absolutely fall in love with. It is also a great purchase in case you want to start your own business: you will not need too much funds to start it, as they are cheaper and easier to be taken care of than other domestic animals.

Consider getting a Nigerian dwarf goat and enjoy being around it!

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