How to train African grey parrot

African greys are adorable, especially if they are properly trained. Get more tips on keeping such pets.

Do you like animals? Have you heard about famous gray parrot? Get to know more about this wonderful bird and learn how to train African grey parrot! Be familiar with lots of interesting facts of these unique creatures.

African grey parrot!

African grays

If you want to find out how to train African grey parrot,you need to know first more about this bird, its behavior, ability to learn tricks, and so on.

 grey parrotDescription and living: African gray parrot is considered an Old World bird. There exist several species of it. As for the appearance, it is medium-sized with gray feathers. The weight of average parrots is about 500 gram. The body length is more than 30 cm, while their wingspan may comprise up to 50 cm. the feathers under the tail are red, which makes a bright spot. Young and adult birds usually look the same. The only difference is their eyes color, which is dark gray or black for the young ones and grayish-yellow for the older ones.

One of the very exciting things for these parrots is that they live quite long life – up to 60 years. It makes them wonderful pets, as they can go with their owners through their whole life. African grays might be found in many countries within the continent, mostly in dense forests. For example, you can see them in Congo, Uganda, Kenya etc. If a person buy such parrot as a pet, the cage is necessary. However, the bigger it is, the better your bird feels.

African grey parrot BehaviorBehavior: these clever birds are monogamous. Females usually have about four eggs, which they incubate for a month. During this period, males feed them. After being born, little ones stay in the nest for twelve weeks. And then they leave. As for the eating habits, gray parrots are herbivores. They prefer fruit, nuts, flowers, and leaves. Sometimes they also eat insects though.

Threats: people have done a lot to make these birds rarer. There are many African grey parrots for sale. Great number of them dies during the international transportation. There is a great decline in their population in the wild, because the habitat loss as well. Nowadays IUCN rates them as vulnerable.

Relations with people. As we have mentioned, they might be found in many households. The most amazing thing is their intellect, which is on the level of six-year-old child. Besides, they can successfully mimic human speech. Some of the trained species are able to distinguish objects, colors, shapes, and other things. If you are eager to know how to train African grey parrot to talk, we should say that you must be patient, do regular trainings, and use encouragement.

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How to train your African gray parrot

The key point in African grey parrot trainingis positive reinforcement. They like it a lot. Besides, you should show some respect to the bird. Any process of training African grey parrots (never mind whether you are going to teach it how to talk or how to make tricks) will always be interesting. You can apply various method of training. Let’s observe the most exciting:

  1. How to train your African gray parrotGimme four. This is one of the basic and easiest tricks. To teach it, you can use repetitions and patterning. Get the parrot on your hand (only one of its feet must be on it). Make certain your bird feels comfortable and can balance with one foot hanging in the air.  After this, take your open and push it towards the hanging foot, saying Gimme four. You will require to do it at least ten times in a raw. Only then, your bird may sit with both feet on your hand. After some time, repeat the training. Don’t forget saying the words. If you see any signs that the parrot tries to raise its foot, praise it.
  2. Training to talk. Remember that they are able to mimic any sound. Nevertheless, this skill is originally used as a weapon to divert predators’ attention. Any bird can start talking from one year. First of all, you must select several simple words. Your pet will need some time to understand them. To succeed in your training, you need silence, clear speech, and patience. That’s why it is necessary to select a quiet place. While you are repeating the chosen words, keep an eye contact. Thus, the bonds between you will get stronger. It will have a positive effect on the results. Another important thing is to praise your bird any time it tries to imitate the sounds. It is vital to do everything step by step. As soon as the parrot learns words, you may start give phrases.
  3. African gray parrot Toilet mannersToilet manners. If your pet likes flying, such trick might be necessary in order to keep your house clean. Besides, it is quite funny. It is possible to choose any place you consider appropriate for this purpose. If the bird settles in the wrong place, pick it up very gently, then put it in the right place where it is actually allowed to potty. You should repeat it until your pet understands your desire.
  4. Not to bite. This bird is large enough, so it might be painful when it bites. First, you must understand the reason your pet is doing so. It might be fear, discomfort etc. If a parrot bites you, just simply say No and put it on the floor. These species always feel insecure when they are not off the ground. Repeat the procedure as often as necessary.
  5. train african grey parrotStep-up training. Thus, you can teach your pet to settle, for instance, on the hand. Try to open the cage and get your hand just in front of the entrance. Keep saying Step Up! It is essential to praise for any indicators of moving forward. Continue you training until the bird gets the idea. Don’t forget about the command.

There are much more tricks for these wonderful birds. Try to teach your pets, and you will see what wonderful companions they can be.

African grays are really popular birds. Living with ones, people start feeling affection towards them. They think of birdies as a part of the family. Your pastime with this pets might become even more exciting, if you try to teach them various tricks. Such parrots are extremely clever, so they can successfully talk and follow your commands. The basic methods of training are usually repetitions, praising, and reinforcement. Never use aggression with them, as these parrots require respect. Have fun with your little friends, and always take care of them.

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After buying the birds leave it alone for 1 or 2 days, then you need to start to wean your bird from screaming. . I think the owners of Jaco are well acquainted with the cry. The first and most glaring mistake (again, describe our methodology, not judging and not forced) is this: You walk up to cage, Jaco begins to voice their impression on you by crying.. .and at this point you decide that it is better to back off and leave the bird alone.. .they'll scream and.. .This gesture you gave to understand my Jacquot, that after. he'll scream - you will retire and will be doing with you this trick for a very long time.. .What can you do? The answer is simple: you approach the cage, Jacko publishes Creek. . you stop and stand to the last, until he translated the cry in the roar. . and then subsides. As you move perception to the cage in tight. Jacko will understand that by crying he can't get rid of (the bird is very smart, you need to understand that with the 1st day) , respectively the last step is to slowly put both hands on the cage (left and right, not put your hands on TOP!) . Do not pay attention to the cry. After several minutes, the wail becoming a roar. . and then Jacko will understand that you're a complex thing and calm down. This method works in 90% of cases. Out of 100 parrots only 10-15 continue shouting in the household, in this case, you must do this for 2-3 days. And remember, move away from the cage or take his hands off the cage, you can only after Jacko stop screaming. Many of You think. . sadists.. .or anything like, only need 1 times to get through this time and the bird will not emit cries constantly. We got Jaco, who has lived with his family for over a year and continued to scream at home.

Answered 2 years ago.

I like pets very much and as same as my little daughter. This is the main reason that we have a cat, three fish and a small parrot. We also want to have a reptile and a hampster, but this is gonna be in the nearest future. We like our parrot Alisa, although it can not speak. Her previous familly did not pay much attention at it learning, so it was completely wild. We often let it go to fly all over our house, so it started to become more domastic. It can sit at the shoulder for some time and it likes our presence. Although it is known that such kind of parrots can not be taught to speak, our Alisa makes some progress and can say some short words. So, I think that the most important thing is love and care, so your pet would love and trust you. Only then you can teach it something.

Answered 2 years ago.
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