Most expensive dog in the world – 5 top costliest canines in the world

Dogs are adorable pets and useful companions, but they can also be very expensive assets. Learn the most treasured breeds of dogs in the world.

Pooches are adorable and some of them cost huge amount of money. The most expensive dog in the world is found in China. It is Tibetan mastiff breed and recently one of such puppies was sold for over 12 million China Yuan or incredible 1.9 million dollars! Let’s discover more about this and 5 other most expensive dog breeds in the world.
Most expensive dog

Top 5 most expensive dogs

1. Tibetan mastiff
Most expensive dogBreed type: guardian dog
Life expectancy: 10-14 years

Height and weight: 71 cm, up to 70 kg
Price: $5 000 to $1.9 million

Country of origin: Tibet
These pets are magnificent! By all means it’s not a play dog to meddle with. The breed was developed up in Tibet Mountains to guard the sheep from wild cats, such as leopards. Just imagine the characteristics and strength this dog should have to combat such an enemy.

Some mastiffs are taller and more massif. They come from the so called “Monastery breeding line”. They may reach over 83 centimeters in heights and their weight may go over 70 kilograms. The other one is so called “nomad” breeding family. These dogs have fewer wrinkles on their faces and they are lighter in frame.

One of the most distinctive traces of these hounds is their hair and the mane. It protects the animal in the most severe weather conditions of Himalayan Ridge and make them look like a lion. These dogs breed only once a year. The good thing about this canine giant is that it does not smell in the “doggy” fashion, especially when it gets wet.

This breed has become extremely popular among China rich people. They are willing to pay over 12 million Yuan per pup. Recently one of them paid 6 million Yuan or almost 1 million dollars for a Tibetan mastiff. You can find more information on them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibetan_Mastiff.

2. English Bulldog
Most expensive dog costliest canines Breed type: companion and bodyguard dog
Life expectancy: 12 years

Height and weight: up to 45 cm and 25 kg
Price: the prices may range from $1000 to $10 000, but once a dog was sold for $100 000.

Country of origin: UK
These canines were bred in England. Their name is very descriptive – the bull dog. They were used to attach and fight bulls and many other breeds of dogs originated from this one.
They make excellent pets, as they just love taking naps all day long and making short strolls in the yard. You need to be aware that these canines cannot stand wet and cold weather. They should be taken as the house inmates, and not the outdoor watch dogs.
The breed was developed back in the 13th century. So, indeed it is an ancient one and the dogs are highly cultivated. They are not the savages, as the Tibetan mastiffs are. It is believed they are the offspring of the ancient war hounds. You would not believe the changes cultivated in this type of dogs after the banning of bull bating. They used to be much taller and fitter than you see them today. This breed is among the most popular ones in USA.

3. German Shepherd
 dog – 5 top costliest canines in the worldBreed type: Shepherd dog
Life expectancy: up to 14 years

Height and weight: up to 68 cm and over 40 kg
Price: $3-24 thousand
Country of origin: Germany
This breed was introduced on the verge of two centuries in 1899. These dogs are very smart and highly trainable. That is what they are famous for.
They can do various jobs from herding the sheep to rescuing people, serving as police hounds or even becoming animal actors.

These canines can live outdoors. They come in two main colors: black and tan (sometimes white) and all black. They have amazingly keen sense of smell. At times they can detect the gas leaks in tubes hidden over 5 meters deep underground. They make great watch dogs and work in packs, when protecting and inspecting the territory.

4. Chow Chow
Most expensive dog in the world 1Breed type: working dog
Life expectancy: 15 years

Height and weight: 51 cm and 32 kg
Price: $3-9 thousand
Country of origin: China

This breed is known for its great companion skills with humans. They make excellent babysitters. At this, the dog may express aggression towards other pets of the same gender. The breed is one of the most ancient we know about. The fact was discovered through the DNA test. The texts refer to these dogs being around 150 B.C.
These black tongue pets used to be warrior dogs in the ancient times. An interesting fact is that one ruler of that country loved them so much that he owned over 5 thousand Chow Chows at one time. Presently the breed was modified and instead of large lion like warriors we’ve got teddy-bear like pets. They are sociable and likable, but one has to be aware of them getting different health problems and complications.

5. Great Dane
Most expensive dog in the world – 5 topBreed type: hunting dog
Life expectancy: 12 years

Height and weight: up to 80 cm and 90 kg
Price: $1-3 thousand

Country of origin: Germany
These pets are listed among the tallest dogs of the world. Once a Dane called Zeus had set a record of attaining 112 cm in height. Initially they were bred as hunter allies. These canines are very royal like and elegant. They are strong and massive.
If you are considering getting a dog like that you should count the costs of its maintenance at first. Plus, it has to stay indoors and it needs much space. These pets are playful (just imagine they expressing their joy running around the house!). They vary in coat colors from Black, Brindle to even Blue and other colors.

People are willing to pay much for excellence and pedigree. The most expensive dog in the world costs a fortune. However, even the simplest of the species is capable of becoming a loyal friend and useful companion in the daily life.

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not every simple person is wanting to buy a dog. can afford it. Don't understand why to make such pictures on our brothers smaller? Don't know what to get rich. Yes I agree, this is a good breed of dogs, but the watchdog can be so good. betrayed. Here is plays the role of status, as in humans, someone count. someone the king and so on. Dogs too dub for this template elite. I don't agree with such discrimination in rates. They should not be too expensive, especially since it's not food, and pet!!

Answered 2 years ago.

I love pets! They give people good emotions. Dogs are funny, very often kind and loyal animals. But some of them are very expensive, it's true. I cannot say, which dog from this article I like more, who is more beautiful for me, because I prefer dogs from the street. It's remarkable that breeds of dogs in the world look so different. I think I'll never pay lot of money, if one day I want to buy a dog. All dogs for me are amazing. But if some people want to buy an expensive dog - why not? It's their own choice.

Answered 2 years ago.

Owning a dog is good, but to make her famous throughout the world not everyone can do that will require major financial and moral investment. The most expensive dogs are in good demand from journalists and different TV channels. Often it is a purebred dog and are not small money. Care of them special and thorough. If many people think that if a dog is small it is almost nothing to do with it is not need, they are mistaken, because it is a family pet and it requires a proper attitude.

To have a faithful friend the dog was probably very good, it is a pity that some do not realize this and throw them into the street.

Answered 2 years ago.

Oh!!! They are really pretty! I know there are a lot of kind-hearted people who kriticise me, but i don't like tle look of a pretty woman with a simole street dog beside her. It looks disgusting. Some people say they are the clewerest, but I don't believe it. I've never seen a usual dog in a police looking for a robber or in a firebrigade looking for people under rocks. I'll never change my German Shepherd to any breed. I don't like small dogs,they are noisy, if you haven't got enough place for a big dog, it's better to take a cat .

Answered 2 years ago.

Those dogs are truly beautiful. But one should never have thought that they cost that much. I think that you should love your dog even if he does not have a fancy breed. The most important thing about the dogs is that they love you, they do not care if you are rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, smart or stupid.If you treat them nicely then they will give you all their love. I just love dogs so much. Even if my dog is not that expensive i still love him. Probably i would never give him up for all the money in the world.

Answered 2 years ago.

Purebreds animals - is certainly a good indicator of riches at the owner))) Of course, most people think that if such a pedigreed dog, then the match will be a little, or not at all hurt, her strong immune system, and care of smaller animals are not so much necessary. But! It is not correct information. In most cases, a pureblood animals that require special grooming, good nutrition, active lifestyle. But the immune system may be weak due to genetic mutations that are subject to purebred animals. Sometimes it is better to take a very simple breed, which will be 100 times healthier and more friendly)))

Answered 2 years ago.
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