Nigerian dwarf goats – 5 tips on how to breed them

Farming is one of the key industries in Nigeria. Breeding goats is a profitable business. Learn how to buy and rear them to make money.

Farming is one of the most popular industries in Nigeria. Animals might be bred for different reasons. The most widespread ones are cows, poultry, pork, rabbits, quails, antelopes, guinea pigs, fish, etc. Many people get interested also in Nigerian dwarf goats.
Nigerian dwarf goats

You should know that Nigerian dwarf goat is just one of the existing breeds. However, it is not easy to take care of them. To get profit, you must know about goat farming basics and many other peculiarities of this type.

Types of goats

Nigerian dwarf goats – 5 tips Nigerian dwarf goats are very famous among people of our country. However, there exist much more breeds, which differ according to their purpose. The common varieties are:

Dairy/milk goat. It is quite obvious that this very type is necessary for getting milk, making goat cheese and other dairy products. The most widespread are Toggenburg, La Mancha, Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, Oberhasli, Nubian, Saanen, and Sable.

Meat breeds. Goat meat is a wonderful complex of vitamins and minerals. It is actually very low in fat, cholesterol, calories, and saturated fat (compared to the other types of meat, such as, for example, beef). That’s why it is very healthy for kids. The most common breeds of goats are Boer, Spanish, Tennessee, and Kiko.

Nigerian goats – 5 tips Fibers or fabric types. They are used to create clothes and other types of things. They include Angora and Cashmere breeds.

Pets. It might seem funny, but goats might be very cute, so many people like buying them as their pets. The most widespread are Pygmy and Fainting.

Reasons to have a goat

Now we can find out why so many people actually take part in goat rearing. They might be different. Among the most popular ones, there are:

Business. This is probably the first reason why many Nigerians decide to try. Very healthy and tasty milk can be easily sold. If you have enough animals you may start producing other types of dairy products, including cottage cheese, sour cream, and so on. You must understand that goat milk is more preferable than, for instance, cow milk.

SNigerian goats how to breed themale. Nigerian dwarf goats for sale may be another profitable occupation. You feed them, make them reproduce, and get your money. There is no necessity to grow them until they are big. It's possible to sell little ones as well.

Health. We have already mentioned the value of goat meat and milk. Many parents are eager to make their children’s immune system stronger. That’s why it can be one more reason to buy this animal. You can purchase just one or two of them. The number depends on amount of milk you need.

These are the most common purposes for breeding. There might be more of them, and they depend on a particular person.

Let’s observe the positive effects of goat milk in details. It is better than the cows’ one, because:

  • It contains less allergenic proteins. Sometimes it happens that children cannot consume the cow milk because of its proteins. However, it is essential for growth and development. In such cases, goat milk is a nice alternative, as it contains less of the mentioned proteins. Nevertheless, if you are diagnosed with allergy for cow milk, it is better not to try the other type as well.
  • Easily digestible. Goats’ milk has much less fats in general. A soft curd is formed during digestion. It can assist your digestive health and comfort.
  • Low in lactose. This quality is figured out in comparison. For those, who are intolerant to lactose, it may become a way out. Everything depends on the amount a person is allowed to consume. To make sure it's safe for you, it is better to consult your doctor.
  •  goats – how to breed themCalcium. It is the vital thing for development, especially for children. With just three servings of this milk per day, an adult can get the amount of calcium s/he needs.
  • Low in cholesterol. It you are careful with consumption of this type of thing, goat milk is your best choice.
  • Blood pressure friendly. We’ve said that it is rich in calcium. It helps to lower our pressure. You can always select the low-fat variation and successfully deal with your hypertension.
  • Key vitamins. Everyone must have enough vitamins in order to stay healthy and make immune system strong. Such milk helps to produce pantothenic acid, which is essential for getting energy from food, and biotin, which is vital for our nervous system.
  • OtNigerian dwarf goats – tips her minerals. With one glass of milk, you can get phosphorus (important to make your bones and teeth healthy). You also consume enough iodine (helps keep our thyroid and metabolic rate in balance). There is one more essential thing – potassium, which allows maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Prebiotic. It possesses enough oligosaccharides. Its amount is actually almost the same as in human milk. They work as prebiotics in the gut. They help to maintain the digestive tract health by encouraging the beneficial gut bacteria growth and preventing the growth of harmful ones.

Thus, we can say that goat milk is very nutritious and full of vitamins. It is possible to apply it in cooking and drink it as it is. More and more people start understanding the benefits of this product. So, the earlier you do it, the better your health will be.

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Goat farming

If you want to try yourself in this sphere, it is necessary to know at least the basics before buying a farm. Consider the following tips:

  1. Nigerian dwarf goats 1Male and female goats are not the same. They even have different names. As for the females, they are called Does or Doelings. Concerning the males, they are Bucks or Bucklings. A castrated male can carry a name of Wether. Thus, before to purchase a goat, make certain you are well aware of terminology.
  2. Getting milk issue. Remember that in order to get milk, you need to have a female goat, which has had babies. Each time a goat gets pregnant, there is a process of freshening in the milk production. The greatest amount is available in the early period after birth. Then, it gets smaller during the year. It is also allowed to apply milking machine, which is able to make the process faster and easier.
  3. Babies can be sold at 8 weeks. Thus, you will not have to buy extra fodders, but will still have plenty of milk.
  4. Nigerian dwarf goats – 5 tips 1It is possible to keep them in a barn, or in any place, you like. Does and Wethers are very nice. But Bucks might be very aggressive, so be careful.
  5. Feeding issue. From May till October you can use pasture, as there is lots of grass. From December to March you will need Organic Alfalfa Pellets, while in April and November it is possible to combine.

To purchase and breed goats is a very good opportunity not only to make yourself and your family healthier, but also to become richer. Nowadays almost everyone understands the value of such product, that’s why people are ready to pay for it.

Nigerian goats – tips 2Of course, to gain some success, it’s necessary to know the rules of farming. If you follow the advice, you can avoid mistakes and any bad consequences. Besides, it is inevitable to get acquainted with the terms. If you buy only males or a female, which hasn’t had babies, you will get nothing. It will lead to the waste of time and money.

Thus, it is better to purchase both does and bucks. It is also advisable to find a good breeder, who will always help you to make a right choice and assist you for the first time.

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Hello, this is rly new inform. about the pugmy goats? ahaha, fun)

Probably quite difficult to arrange and just them in his "Farm Frenzy", as they are demanding to the grow. Pick up the decent (sure) diet and tracking can not every ordinary person. Also, one thing of puzzles me a bit, hearing range that the goat eats a lot, my ypsy eats very small number of my chickens eat more and more than..than this volume of food while eating with pleasure and just hunting, to write off all toy breeds.

In Nigeria, i think will be easier.., coz as you mentioned in this perfect article, sure the resources gets easier.

Answered 2 years ago.

These adorable animals pygmy goats! They surprise with their ingenuity, neat and sweet temper. I know, some people keep them their pets, dwarf goats are very affectionate and intelligent. I'm also very interested in these beautiful creatures. I like them with his mind, his habits, climb much higher, their playfulness and their milk is very helpful. Goat milk itself is very valuable, and at Nigerian dwarf goat is still tasty and useful, perfectly enhances immunity, source of many vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Answered 2 years ago.

Oh my Gosh they are so little and cutest animals ever.Love them.I find this information very useful for me because my uncle has a farm and has goats but they are different type from this.I wish my uncle d buy some of Nigerian dwarf goat.I knew that to keep them is a great business and they are good for human health.Natural products and animals what are raised by you is incredibly great.I love this article because farming is my passion.I found this goats very funny and happy)

Answered 2 years ago.

Goodness me, these dwarf goats are super cute! I think my daughter would be happy to have a pet tiny goat, it's really funny.

As for the goats milk, I fully agree with the author, it is really good for health and nutritional, especially for kids. Several decades of years ago, when there were no special dry infant milk mix or similar baby food available, women used to feed their children mostly with goats milk.

Do these dwarf goats really belong to meet breed? I was sure they're too small for that purpose.

Answered 2 years ago.
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