Pest control - 5 top methods for Nigerian homes

Pests can really make your life hard, if you do not know how to deal with them. Learn the best pest control methods and enjoy a pest free house.

We all are surrounded by the living world and all kinds of creatures. They are on our fields, in our buildings and what is more, they get in our homes. They create havoc and even threaten our health and very lives. So, what is pest control and how can it be implemented in residences?
Pest control methods

The list of the worst and most common residential property pests:

So, what kind of creatures can invade our homes and give us much trouble? Let’s make our top 5 list of them.

  1. Rats and mice
    Pest control best methods These mammals can do the worst damage to your property, as well as to your health. The rest of them on our list are more annoying to humans. But rats can lead to a complete catastrophe for the house. They bite on wires. This is a very dangerous thing to happen. Once the wires get damaged your house can get on fire!

    Rats and mice bite holes in the walls and furniture. If you have any sound insulation they may damage it completely. Plus, they leave the faeces, bad smell and urine. Yes, it is disgusting, but it is also very unwholesome. These animals spread around various diseases and a person can become infected by touching or handling the faeces.
  2. Pest control for Nigerian homesBed bugs
    These tiny pests do not do much damage to your home, just because they feed on YOU. They are very flat and small and can crawl into teeniest cracks and holes. They are hard to find and can survive for months without food.

    Bed bugs come out at night and feed on human blood. However, they can also bite rats and mice. Then they bite humans and transfer diseases. That is one good reason to eliminate these pesky bugs in your home.
  3. Ants
    Pest control for NigerianThese harassing little insects get everywhere: in your food, in your dishes, in your water… Some of them bite and may evoke allergies. Plus, they can bite holes in the walls and wood. Termites can even eat your house “alive”. And they are pretty hard to eliminate. 

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  4. Mosquitos
    These pests are very annoying and dangerous. They carry around such deadly diseases as Malaria or Dengue. Their bites evoke itching and allergies. They get through the tiniest holes in windows and doors and disturb your sleep.
  5. Cockroaches
    These folks seem to be the least damaging and dangerous, but the most irritating pest. Some individuals are scared of them to death. They get in your food and on the tables. They can eat almost anything and constantly accompany humans in their abodes.

Now that you know the tops species of home pests, we can move on to our top 5 household pest control methods. Some of these work for different species of pests with some alternations made.

  1. Pest control for homesTraps
    This is the safest method as it does not require handling any poisons. Traps can be used for rats and mice and for ants, as well as for cockroaches. For the mice and rats you set the traps in the places where you find the most of their faeces. You bait it, too with some meat or any other kind of rat appetizers.As for the ants and roaches you may make borax trap. Mix some borax into honey or something sweet and leave on their trail.

    They eat borax and take it to their fellows and kill them. You may find out more about ants and their elimination here (ссылка на статью и инфографику про муравьев).
  2. Homemade sprays
    You can make these out of garlic and mint. These are common repellents for ants and mosquitos. Mice also detest these smells. Here is how you make them. Just grind some garlic cloves and mind leaves in blender and add them to water. Pour it into the sprayer and you are ready to go.
    You may spray the ant trails, the places where cockroaches are most commonly hide or run. You may also spray the hiding places of mice.
  3. Essential oilsPest control for garden
    Some of these smell adorably, but only not for insects. Such things as Neem oil, lavender, lemon, mint or rosemary, etc. You may use them in aroma sticks or make some sachets for your house and use them to repel insects. They may also work with rodents. You may also add few drops of the oil, when you burn a candle to repel pests.
  4. Sealing
    This means you seal all the possible entries for the pests. You turn your house into an unassailable fortress for them. Make sure to set the mosquito nets on the windows and doors to keep them out. Check the nearby garden for ant mounds and get rid of them. Look for mice holes and seal them up. Once you bring in new furniture or clothes inspect them for beg bugs. Look through all the cracks in the bedroom to detect and kill them.
  5. Pest control tipsLow risk pesticides
    You may use borax for ants and other insects in your home. If you chose any chemical sprays for the bed bugs, you need to move out of your bedroom for several days. Take all the furniture out of the room and treat is with spray outdoors. Wash all the textiles. Take out your clothes out of the wardrobe and wash them.

    You may use specially treated wheat or grains for rats and mice. They are poisoned and usually made in some unnatural color (pink or blue) for people to know it. 

    You may also find some ready-made traps for roaches. They look like small boxes filled with poisonous bait. The manufacturers state that they are safe for pets (in case your dog or cats east one).

Whether you are using chemical or biological method of pest control, you should make sure to get all the clear instructions before you do that. Such things as keeping your house clean, not making water available in it and putting away the pet food can also help you get rid of various types of pests. 


I hate to various pests. Sometimes their control is difficult, unpleasant and klopitlyva. The worst of them mice and rats. They cause great harm. Also very annoying when I shkrebut or something bite especially at night. Also can cause various diseases. A lot of spoiled food. From mosquitoes can also get different disease from their bites and allergies. Especially when dealing with them must be very careful when a family has children. Very good advice in the text of the essential management which will not cause harm to the health of the inhabitants of the house.

Answered 2 years ago.

Pests can spoil life. Therefore, they should get rid of soon as they were. Because if you don't this, they can ruin many items or breed, that they can be removed only with help of specialists. Most of all, I had problem with ants. These small insects penetrate everywhere, they are impossible save something, or hide. I had make special traps remove them. Its also very helpful cinnamon, ants can not stand smell of it, so its enough pour it in some places, or use essential oil of cinnamon.

Answered 2 years ago.
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