Seven animals able to predict the future

Which of the animals are able to predict the future? Have you ever heard of a cat predicting people's deaths? Read this article to know more!

animals predict future   

   For long years people have always believed that some of the animals could make predictions about the humanity fate. The results usually disappoint, but this fact will never stop us from being naïve and hoping to find out some information of a brighter future from the fauna representors.
animals predict future

   Thinking of it objectively, animals are really able to do things we can’t. For example, they fly and live underwater. So why not assume they are the future predictors too?
   There is a legend that if a groundhog sees his shadow on the morning of February 2, the winter lasts 6 more weeks. Sceptics say that he is as accurate as your local weatherman.
   But some analyses have shown that, from 1988 to 2010, there was no correlation between the groundhog’s prognosis and the further weather.
animals predict the future

But there are more animals which are believed to predict the future. Let’s find out which of them are the oracles too!

Woollybear knows everything about the winter!

animals predict the future

   The woollybear caterpillar has brown and black stripes, and the legend says that if the brown stripe is thick, winter is going to be severe; if it’s thin, we will have a mild season.
   Of course, the cynical sceptics judge this statement and affirm that the variation in the brown bands has nothing common with the weather — older caterpillars just have them bigger.
   However, it doesn’t bother more than 100 000 people who annually take part in the Woollybear Festival in Vermillion, state Ohio, and each autumn to enjoy the huge fun including the races of the caterpillars.

Oscar the Cat knows when you’ll die!

   There’s a cat in Rhode Island named Oscar and he’s better at knowing when someone’s is days have to come to an end than many doctors.
   Oscar is permanently situated at a nursing home where, over more than 5 years, he has already accurately predicted 50 deaths. The hospital staff knows that if Oscar curls up with patient, it’s time to call the family.

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Paul the football expert octopus!

animals predict future

   The football fans still remember Paul, the octopus living in the aquarium in Germany. He became famous predicting the champs of the 2010 World Cup.
   Paul simply used to pick up a box with a flag of one of the contestant countries. All of his prognoses were correct.

Catfish predicts the earthquake up in here!

animals predict future

   Japanese believe that catfish is able to predict the earthquakes. Testing this legend, scientists spent 16 years recording the behavior of a tank of catfish in Tokyo.
   The fish tended to become more active several days before a seismic activity. Unfortunately, it turned out that they are just too sensitive to be useful predictors because the fish reacted to trivial quakes as well as to the dangerous ones.

This ship knows who the winner is!

animals predict future


   A sheep in New Zealand named Sonny Wool has become the Paul in the rugby word
   He could have predicted the champs of all his home team’s matches in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. According to some rumors he was permanently under 24-hour security because of receiving a number of death threats.

A crocodile which cares about the politics!

animals predict future

   In 2010, a crocodile named Harry defined the winner of Australian elections for prime minister. By choosing a chicken decorated with a photo of the Labor Party’s representor, instead of an image of the opponent, Harry predicted Julia Gillard’s triumph.

Polly – the Wall Street parrot!

animals predict future

   It seems that animals can be useful in the unstable stock market too.
   In South Korea, a parrot turned up to be better than most people at picking the stocks that would grant success.

As you can see, some of the animals may be too extraordinary from time to time, and the predictions they make are impossible to be explained.



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Answered 9 months ago.

I don't want to disappoint, but prediction - is a myth and has nothing common with real life. Any situation in the world (elections, aircraft crash or Euro-2016 win) consist of reasons and facts. Also it's defined by obvious or scientific proved fact and events.

For ex.: one of candidates (from outsider party) promises to decrease minimal salaries and increase taxes for employers. Of course, anyone doesn't believe in his win, but... he is going to be elected in district where businessmen live and they support his ideas.

So, prediction may be: either guessing or deep analysis.

Answered 1 year ago.
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