Shocking! Fishermen found an enormously big swollen whale in the Indian Ocean

Fishermen in the Indian Ocean were both scared and puzzled when they saw a massive thing floating on the surface of the Indian Ocean. Do you want to know what that was? Keep reading and learn more!

swollen dead whale

One of the biggest and most dangerous animals in the world, whales only live in water. Their abdomen is full of gasses that are commonly controlled by a regular digestion system. However, once a whale dies, the gasses collect in its abdomen and can even explode with time.

This is exactly what happened to a twenty-one-year-old fisherman and his father in the Indian Ocean. Two friends went fishing. After some time they both noticed that something pink and smooth was floating on the surface of the Ocean. The guys decided to take heart and get closer to the thing they spotted. With every step they made, the thing got bigger and bigger, and, to a huge disappointment of the fishermen, stinkier!

This mysterious thing was floating lifelessly until guys realized that it is a whale, and not just a regular one. This whale was obviously dead for a while. When this terrifying creature dies, all the gasses in its flesh are going to the abdomen, which, in its turn, gets swollen. It was only then that fishermen understood that they had found a swollen dead whale.

swollen dead whales

I t is hard to imagine the first reaction of the young people in this situation. They could not come closer, as the smell was horrible. However, from the pictures the father took at the locale it is evident that this whale’s abdomen is so swollen that the skin is pink and seems to be almost ripping. Whales in India Oceans are quite common; however, you hear about them, but you can hardly ever be prepared to meet it. This is not the first time a dead whale is found by people in the Indian Ocean, though.

Swallen whale

Unfortunately, at approximately the same time another dead whale was found on the bank of the Hudson River. As the evidence shows this whale was severely damaged by a ship that was going right above in the river. This area is sadly known to be guilty of killing already ten whales within the last few years. As the cargo ships are going there back and forth, whales are at risk of being struck and killed by them there. The whale mentioned above was not identified yet, as the scientists argue whether it is a humpback or a fin whale. Two more whales were found dead at the Brooklyn Terminal and Coney Island. They are also reported to be struck by passing by ships that damage the skin of the creatures and leave them to die there. The swollen beached whales were found by the authorities that send their special forces to deal with the issue.

indian ocean whales

What are the facts about whales that you need to know? Being one of the most magnificent and mysterious animals, whales can be of great interest to you and your children. So here is the information about whales we thought you might find useful. Whales can weigh from 45 to 150 tons depending on a kind of a whale we are talking about. They are mammals which mean that they feed their children with milk; also, they breathe air just like other mammals do. Sometimes when they go to sleep, whales swim to the surface of the water and leave their backhole above the water level. This hole is scientifically known as a blowhole.

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It is with this hole that whales make their famous fountain: when a whale needs to get some air, it swims to the surface of the water, gets the water out of his hole before breathing the air in. That is how we see a fountain! The Indian Ocean is home to the killer and blue whales, as these kinds of whales live in every ocean of the world. All the whales do throughout their lives is swimming. These animals only live in warm waters. Therefore, they eat and eat during warm summer days, and then start their migration process to the warm waters as soon as the water in their area cools down.

whales facts

This migration process is still a miracle for the science. The whales can travel distances no other animal would ever be able to go. Interesting fact about whales is that they never eat while on their “migration”. They collect enough fat and other nutritious components during summer, so there is no need to eat while in the way.

Whales can be both toothed and toothless. The ones that have no teeth usually filter the food they get through special “baleen” plate. When whatever a whale gets into his mouth reaches this baleen plate, only the plankton will be let inside while the water will be sent back again. A killer whale has teeth, and it eats fish and grass that can be found in the water. It lives up to 35 years. The number of years a whale lived can be counted by looking at the layer on its teeth. Every year one layer adds up.

The scientists can easily distinguish male from female whales. They take a look at their fins and can surely define who is who. Male’s fins are bigger, while female ones have curves. Whales are not silent creatures. They consistently make noise to communicate with each other. Among the sounds they make are sighing, squeaking, groaning and moaning. Some scientists even gave a name to the noise you can hear from a whale. They call it a “Whale Song”, and they claim that it is the loudest song that can be ever heard from an animal.

whales fact

Since whales continuously swim and only stop for some short breaks, the scientists counted that the maximum speed a whale can reach is thirty miles per hour, which is quite fast for an animal of this size.

Unfortunately, the latest researches show that whales are constantly under threat. The litter people carelessly throw into the water is swallowed by the whales, and that makes them choke and suffer, as the most of this litter is plastic that cannot be digested. Moreover, this plastic blocks the breathing ways for whales making it impossible for them to live their healthy lifestyle at all.


That is the reason why scientists continually launch new campaigns that encourage people from all over the world to be more conscious of the plastic consumption. In case every country pays more attention to these issues, whales will have fewer troubles. Moreover, the scientists also encourage the owner of shipping companies to be more careful with the ships they send through the areas where whales live to avoid damaging or even killing the species.

These are the facts you should know about the whales in general and a situation with the fishermen that found the flesh of a dead swollen whale in the Indian Ocean in particular. Have a great day!

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