What are interesting camel facts?

What exactly allows camels surviving for centuries in the inhospitable deserts? What is stored in a camel hump? Why were these animals used in military operations? These and other facts about camels you will find in the article below right now.

A camel in the desert

A camel is a unique animal. Some people find it beautiful, while others think it is not attractive at all, and even frightening. There are many interesting facts about camels. So, let we start.

The most interesting facts about camels

  • The word “camel” is of Arabic . It is translated as “beautiful”.
  • A camel can drink 210 liters of water at a time.

A camel can drink 210 liters

  • Camel milk is a delicious and nutritious food, which is traditional for Eastern countries. This milk is of classical white color. It has quite a sweet taste which may sometimes vary depending on the quality of feed and water. Such milk is considered a health tonic in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Camel milk is a delicious and nutritious food

  • As a rule, camels have 38 teeth.
  • Dromedary camel reaches a height of 1.9 meters at the shoulder and 2.2 meters at the top of the hump.
  • Camel caravan moves at a speed of about 6 km/h and can cover distance of 45-55 km per day. Dromedary camel is significantly faster than Bactrian. With one rider on his back, it can keep the speed of 16 km/h for the whole day.

Camel with one rider

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  • The record for the camel`s daily speed is 240 km in 11 hours.
  • Camel image is located on the National emblem of Eritrea, where a camel is bounded by a wreath of laurel. Camel has been always considered a sacred animal in Africa.

the National emblem of Eritrea

  • A camel can carry a weight of 270-300 kg.

A camel can carry a weight of 270 kg

  • Camels color is awesome. They have a unique thick coat that protects them from the heat, as it reflects light. This wool is appreciated all over the world: cloth and painting brushes of the highest quality are made of it. And Bedouin camel wool carpets are famous all over the world.

An old camel

  • Excellent eyesight helps camels to see any movement in a kilometer distance. With the help of visual memory they can perfectly orient amongst the dunes.
  • Camel hump is full of fat. Due to it the animal cannot eat for a month, while doing the hardest work.

Camel hump is full fat

  • The closest relatives of camels are llama, alpaca, guanaco and vicuña. These animals live in South America. Currently, there are two types of domesticated species: Dromedary and Bactrian camels. They are used as pack and riding animals.

Types of camels

  • Camel can feel the water at a distance of 65 kilometers. The sense of smell helps them surviving in the wilderness.


Camels are superbly adapted for life in the desert hot and arid lands. The process of camels’ adaptations lasted for as long as life endures. Besides, camels are the source of food, clothing, and means of transport for the majority of the desert inhabitants. These animals are able to cross the vast desert, carrying heavy cargo and passengers on their humps. These amazing animals changed the course of civilization, helping people to survive in extremely harsh conditions. 

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