What are the most unusual dog breeds?

Have you ever had a dog? It is really a great creature. Dog breeds list is very vast. However, there are dog breeds names that just a few people have ever heard of. Today we offer you the most unusual dog breeds with images on the planet.

unusual dog breeds

There are plenty of unusual dog breeds, the representatives of which are not so easy to find in yard or park. Some of the species are on the verge of extinction. Many of dog breeds also have exotic or very rare status.

So, let us switch to the list of dog breeds that are considered quite rare.



Komondor is a very ancient Hungarian shepherd breed, also called a Hungarian sheepdog. It seems that dozens of canine hairdressers work on its extravagant “shaggy” appearance: a hairstyle of long braids, similar to the strong woven cords. Once these dogs were indispensable for the shepherds, and the long coat rescued the dog from the scorching sun and the cold, and protects against injuries in fights with wolves and bears. Among the long-haired dogs Komondor has in the heaviest coat in the world: the average adult dog`s coat weighs for 7 kg and consists of 2 thousand laces!

Komondor is famous not only for its unique coat, but also for is intelligence, determination, speed of reaction, an incredible capacity for work. These qualities of the breed had been cultured for centuries, since these dog breed had to protect the animals in the pasture, independently coping with various situations for several months. Moreover, these fearless and reliable dogs warmly refer to owner and family members.


Catalburun dog breed

This Turkish hunting dog is a very unique! Catalburun`s so-called anomaly, also known as Turkish Pointer, is a double nose. According to experts, such an unusual catalburun`s nose is the result of inbreeding (mating of animals, having a common ancestors, which are closely related). Of course, these pets do not look like the others but this “deviation” from the norm gives them a head start. Such a unique nose gives his rare breed an incredible sense of smell. Therefore, catalburuns are very popular among hunters.

Catalburun`s puppies are excellent pupils. They can be taken to hunt partridges from as early as 6-7 months. Catalburun breed is very hardy, docile and balanced. They obey owners unquestioningly, but can show aggression to strangers.

Pharaoh hound

Pharaoh hound dog breed

This breed`s name sounds beautiful and mysterious. In fact, the history of the origin of these dogs is associated with the era of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Even thousands years later Pharaoh hound has almost completely preserved its original appearance: elegant silhouette, flexible, muscular body, a long wedge-shaped head with large and high set ears. External similarity of these dogs with images of the Egyptian God Anubis is just amazing! But, paradoxically, the real birthplace of this breed is Malta. Maltese use these dogs for hunting rabbits, and call them Kelb Tal Fenek – a rabbit dog. Pharaoh hound –is a perfect hunter with a great flair, hearing, and sight. With a kind, gentle nature and exceptional devotion, presently, this dog is used as a family companion.

Shar Pei

Shar Pei dog breed

This dog really looks more like a cute plush toy. But this impression is deceptive. The Shar-Pei, is a rare dog breed known for its characteristic features of deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue. The breed originates from China. This interesting “outfit” is designed to protect the dog from biting. Funny and hilarious pet in fact was originally used as a guard, hunting and fighting dog. For example, in the ring Shar-Pei had a great advantage: even if the opponent managed to grab him by the scruff of the neck, loose hanging skin allowed him to get out and immediately strike back.

Unlike other ancient Chinese dog breeds, Shar Pei was not a favorite one of emperors and nobles. The representatives of the breed lived in poor villages, close to the farmers, who often used them as food. In the history of these dogs, in whose veins flows the blood of the Tibetan Mastiff and short-haired Chow, was a period when the breed was on the verge of extinction. Shar Pei breed is very temperamental and active. They are very devoted and loyal, and smart pets.

Petit chien lion

Petit chien lion

This breed of miniature decorative dogs comes from France. These dogs are also known in Spain from the end of the XVI century. At the beginning of the XX century the breed's popularity has plummeted, but in 1960 the breed entered the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest breed in the world.

Petit chien lion dog breed

That is why the dog handlers began to actively engage in their cultivation, resulting in Petit chien lions regained its former popularity. Their original haircut makes them look like a lion. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, fearless, and loved-committed.


Leonberger dog breed

It is a giant dog breed. This furry beast, as kids like to call this breed, is a mixture of Newfoundland, St. Bernard and Pyrenean mountain dog. Leonberger males can weigh over 90 kilograms. According to a legend, this breed must have resembled lions from the coat of arms of the city of Lionberg in Germany. After World War II, only eight of these lovely giants left in the world. Now their popularity has been increased greatly.

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Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a type of huge Tibetan dog breed. The breed originates with the nomadic cultures of Mongolia, India, China, Tibet and Nepal. As a rule, local tribes of Himachal Pradesh used the Tibetan Mastiff to protect sheep from large mustelids, leopards, wolves, tigers, and bears.

Dogs of this legendary breed are impressive for its size. This is a very large and hardy dog ​​powerfully built, with a massive head, wide chest and strong neck, covered with a dense mane. An adult dog weights up to 70 to 90 kg, and has height 65-72 cm. Solid dimensions of Tibetan Mastiff impress with its thick, coarse, straight coat, with which the dog is not afraid of any frost. It can be used outdoors even without a kennel, while demonstrating excellent health. The dog`s coat color can vary. It can be red, black, black fire, golden and gray in various shades.

Tibetan Mastiff dog breed

Despite its intimidating, powerful and heavy look, the Tibetan Mastiff has restrained and calm character. Among its main features are also intelligence and independence. In relation to other pets, the dog of this breed is quite friendly and good-natured. Another feature of this breed is exceptional cleanliness and neatness. The Tibetan Mastiff is also a very reliable defender.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier dog breed

The Bedlington terrier is a breed of small dog. Actually, it was named after the mining town of Bedlington in North East England. Initially, these dogs were used to hunt vermin in mines. Presently, this breed is mostly used as a companion dog, as well as in various dog sports and conformation performances. It is closely related to Whippet and Otterhound.

Bedlington terrier can be characterized as “sheep with a lion heart”. These dogs are used in hunting badgers, rabbits and foxes. They are very similar to the cropped lambs. This similarity is especially attached to their thick wavy hair, pear-shaped head with a “cap” and the small dark deep-set eyes. These dogs live well in flats, adjusting to the rhythm of owner`s life. They also like long and active walks. By the way, they never tolerate abuse.

Bedlington terrier is a very neat dog that needs regular hairstyles. Dog-sheep, despite its funny looks, has a brave character and courage.

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