What are the ugliest animals in the world?

Interested how do the ugliest animals in the world look like? Find out their exciting pictures here!

ugliest animal

Nature has created all animals to be different. Not everyone was born to be cute and beautiful, but every animal has its important role to play. Remeber it and enjoy our top 9 of the ugliest animals in the world!

1.    Blobfish


The blobfish looks more like a ball of slime than a living creature.

This animal has such an ugly appearance because of its living conditions. Blobfish lives deep in the ocean, where pressures are extremely high. As a result, it needs to stay buoyant at depths where gaseous bladders can't function. Therefore it has gooey, pudding-like flesh. 

Interesting to know that British-based Ugly Animal Preservation Society pronounced blobfish to be the world's ugliest animal.

2.    Star-nosed mole

star nosed mole

This animal has the ugliest nose in the world. But it is not a simple nose; it acts more like as ultra-sensitive fingers. In addition, according to National Geographic, this nose makes mole a lethal hunter. The outer tentacles probe for a potential meal, then the inner sensors decide if the prey is edible.

3.    California condor

California condor

The California condor is one of the North America's largest flying land bird and world's rarest bird. According to National Geographic, Condors had almost died in the late 1970s when only a few dozen of the birds survived.  Scientists started a captive breeding program and today about 127 California condors live in the wild.

These birds often overeat so they can rest even several days after one meal.

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4.    Naked mole rat

Naked mole rat

These animals live underground in insect-like colonies. Their hairless bodies are also an adaptation for their living conditions. Nevertheless, they have some hair, about 100 hairs on their body.  It helps animals feel what's around them.  They also have hairs between their toes to help them move soil behind them when they are making tunnels.

Interestingly, naked mole rats can live about 30 years. They are among the longest living of all rodents given their size. Also, they possess a resistance to cancer.

5.    Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey

The bigger the nose of Proboscis monkey - the better. Why? Because these organs create an echo chamber that amplifies the monkey’s call, impressing females and scaring rival males. These monkeys are also good swimmers. They even can swim faster then crocodiles!

6.    Aye-aye


Aye-aye lives in Madagascar. It has many unusual traits, including a long, bony, witch-like middle finger that they use to pry insects and grubs from tree trunks.  Aye-ayes also have incisors that continually grow and large ears.

7.    Hyena


Hyenas are thought to have a sense of humor. They can be named as "laughing hyenas." Their calls are often described as haunting and witch-like. Even though that most people think that Hyenas eat only carrion, it is known that they kill 95 percent of what they eat. An adult spotted hyena can tear off and swallow 30 or 40 pounds of meat per meal. A group of hyenas can dismantle and devour a 400-pound zebra in 25 minutes.

8.    Monkfish


It's very strange, but Monkfish are a commonly eaten delicacy. Why is it so? For years, people didn't want to eat the fish because it was very ugly. In addition, the monkfish was considered the sea monster. But chefs realized that its looks were deceiving and now almost every restaurant has monkfish in its menu.

A monkfish isn't just ugly; it's mean. They have huge heads, and their heads are filled with tons of razor-like teeth.

9.    Red-lipped batfish

Red-lipped batfish

The Red-lipped batfish can be found around the Galapagos Islands and near Peru. Interesting to know that they are not meant for swimming, but rather for "walking"  on the sea bottom.  Scientists believe that the purpose of the bright red pucker if for the male of the species to attract the female.

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