What are the weirdest animals in Africa?

What are the weirdest animals in Africa? Have you ever heard of an Elephant shrew? Do you know how Gerenuk looks like? Or maybe can you differ okapi from giraffe? Read the article to find out more information about the weirdest animals in Africa.

Wierd African animal

Huge African animals have always attracted attention of millions people from all over the world. Everybody knows that in Africa many well-known animals live, such as lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippos and many others. But do you know anything about other animals that live on the continent? There are many creatures in Africa that are seldom being spoken about.

Now we are giving you African animal list with the lesser-known fauna representatives. We are sure that you will undoubtedly adore them!

Elephant shrew

Elephant shrew

Elephant shrew has well-developed eyes and ears, and elongated snout, forming a flexible trunk. These features help them to find a variety of insects for food. They are broadly spread across the southern part of Africa. These mammals also live in nearly any type of environment, from the Namib Desert to thick forests. Elephant shrew weighs half a kilogram. This small creature can reach speed of 29.5 km/h.


African Galago

The other example of the weirdest animals in Africa is galago. It is a lemur. There are twenty-five species of galago. These creatures can be both small and large. The most common type is Brown Greater Galago. This is a fairly large animal, about the size of a cat. Its weigh is about two kilograms. The body is covered with very thick and soft fur of different shades of brown. Galago has a long and thick tail that serves as a wheel and balance while moving through the trees and jumping over long distances.


African Gerenuk

Among the weirdest eastern African savanna animals we should put Gerenuk on the first place.  These animals live on the plains of Tanzania and along the coast of the continent through Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Long slim legs and a long neck make Gerenuk one of the most recognizable antelope on the planet. Brilliant and short fur has a reddish brown color for most of the body, except for the abdomen and legs, where it is white. The long neck is crowned by a neat head with large ears. The males have large horns of saber shape (from 20 to 50 cm). On average Gerenuk weighs about 50 kilograms. Its body length is 150 cm and a height equals 1 meter. 

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African Lemur

Lemurs live in Madagascar and Comoros. Presently, scientists know over 110 species of lemurs. Lemur family is incredibly diverse: there are tiny species, weighing less than 30 grams, and large ones – up to 10 kg. Some of them are exclusively nocturnal, others lead daily life. Lemurs have a long claw on the first finger of their hind legs. They use this claw for combing fluffy wool. These animals also have elongated canines and lower incisor teeth.


African Okapi

These cloven-hoofed animals belong to giraffidae. They live mainly in the rain forests and feed on the fruits of various plants. This is a rather large animal. Its body length is about 2 m, height is 1.5-1.72 m, and it weighs for about 240 kg. Okapi has a very long neck. This mysterious animal also has long ears, large expressive eyes and beautiful tail. The okapi`s body is of reddish-brown color. They also have horns with horn "tips" that are changed each year.

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Lowland Streaked Tenrec is a representative of a very interesting family of bristly hedgehogs. To understand how this funny animal looks like, you need to put together a hedgehog, otter and a shrew and paint it in yellow and black. They live in burrows to a depth of half a meter. These animals are found almost throughout Africa. During cold season (May-October) Lowland Streaked Tenrec usually lower their body temperature to ambient temperature levels, while remaining active. This trick helps them saving energy. However, if the winter is too harsh, they just fall into hibernation.



In African savannahs living animal with an anteater body, rabbit ears, snout and a kangaroo tail. Locals call it the aardvark, which translates as “earth pig”. These animals are the inhabitants of the African continent. They are spread almost all over sub-Saharan Africa, except for the jungle in the central part of the continent. Aardvark prefers savanna with loose soil, which is ideal for digging.

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