What are top 10 animals dying out in Africa?

Do you know how many African elephants are left today? Or jackals? Or white antelopes? Read the article and find out which of African animals are considered as endangered species!

endangered species

There many endangered animal species an Africa. From day to day the quantity of these animals decreases and they fall under the risk of total extinction. There are number of reasons of this tragedy but human factor is the main of them.

Here’s the list of TOP 10 animals dying out in Africa.

African Penguin

endangered species

African penguin also known as black-footed penguin or jackass penguin is the only penguin species which breeds in Africa. These penguins consume sardines and anchovies. The commercial fisheries, oil spills and nets in the water represent the biggest danger for a poor black-foot penguin.
There are less than 72 000 African penguins living today.


endangered species

The cheetah is the fastest mammal on the earth and achieves incredible speeds of up 10 115 km/h. The most unbelievable fact about is that they accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds! Top sport cars usually do it in or 5 seconds.
There are nearly 14 000 cheetahs existing today.

African Lion

endangered species

Known as the King of the Jungle or the King of the Beast, Lion remains a very social animal. But the male lions are too lazy; most of the hunting is performed by female lions during the night time. Their number slightly decreases because of hunting, poisoning and loss of habitat.
The number of living lions equals to more than 22 000.

African Elephant

endangered species

Unfortunately, African elephants are encountered to the list of the most endangered animals not only in Africa, but in the world. They are also known as Savanna Elephants, and considered to be the biggest terrestrial mammal on the earth.
Poaching and loss of habitat push them to the point of the extinction.
The number of living animals today is nearly 600 000.

Black Rhino       

endangered species

These wonderful animals are on the edge of total extinction because of people poaching them for their horns. Black Rhinoceros usually consume herbs, plants and twigs.
There are only about 3 500 rhinos living today.

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Mountain Gorilla

endangered species

Deforestation and industrialization represent the biggest threat to the mountain gorillas’ existence. They are herbivores and in general they consume leaves, plants, fruits etc. Unfortunately, these animals are able to be ill by human diseases, such pneumonia, flu, even ebola!
The number of living mountain gorillas is less than 650.

Pygmy Hippopotamus

endangered species

These adorable hippos usually stay in the water during the daytime and use nighttime for meal. Their diet consists of herbs, roots, grass and fruits. Pygmy Hippo is also known as a symbol Western Africa’s forests. But unfortunately they are hunted and suffer from deforestation.
Their number is in the range of 1500.


endangered species

Drought and hunting decrease the number of existing addaxes. They live in the deserts and their herds are always led by males. Addax is also known as White Antelope, as meal it prefers grass and herbs.
Their number is less than 200 today, and it’s the most endangered animal of Africa.

Ethiopian Wolf

endangered species

Ethiopian wolf is also called Abyssinian wolf, the Simien Fox or just jackal. It looks pretty much like a coyote. The diseases and severe decline in their habitat decreases the number of living jackals.
There are less than 400 Ethiopian wolves today.

African Wild Dog

endangered species

African dogs or Cape hunting dogs are very social. Human interference, more precisely, hunting on them for meat makes their existence practically impossible. They travel in tribes and always hunt their preys in groups up to 20 members.
The number of living African Dogs is about 4 000.

Animals are the part of the environment and must be treated gently.

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