What is elephant weight?

An elephant is one of the largest animals in the world. But have you ever asked yourself a question: How much does an elephant weight? Here is an answer for you! Read this article and find out!


Of course, the largest of all mammals and land animals in the world is an elephant. Some wonder what the weight of an elephant is. Actually to get an accurate answer to this question is quite difficult. Why? Each elephant has its own individual physical parameters. For example, the weight of females is significantly different from the weight of a male elephant. The weight of an adult is several times different from a newborn baby elephant. Also, the weight of the animal will affect its breed, for example Indian, African, and forest. Each of them has different weight. Now let's see how much the elephant of these rocks weighs, or rather what the facts are, and then, what the weight of a newborn elephant is.

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The Indian elephant

How much does an Indian elephant weight? The Indian elephant is a huge animal which by its size is second only to its African counterpart. In the ranking of the largest land mammals in the world, it ranks second. According to some facts, the height of adult males ranges between 2,5-3,5 meters. But the weight of an adult Indian elephant reaches 5.5 tons.


The African elephant or Savanna

How much does African elephant weight? The African elephant is the biggest animal in the world. Its height can reach up to a record high of 3.5 meters, and a minimum of 2.5 meters. The weight of a male is 5 tons, and his devoted females around 3-3,8 tons.


Interesting fact! In 1957, in November, in Angola, the largest representative of the African elephant was shot and killed. The weight of this animal amounted to 12.2 tons. This amount exceeds the usual norm by 2.5 times.

Forest elephant

How much does Forest elephant weight? Forest elephants are the smallest members of the whole family. Its height reaches up to 2.5 meters and weight, in most cases, does not exceed 2.7 tons.


So, all things considered, we can answer the question, what is the weight of an elephant. The average result will range from 2.4 to 5.5 tons.


Well, what is the weight of a newborn elephant? As a rule, its weight will be 80-140 lbs. In those cases where like a full-grown elephant there are no natural enemies, newborn elephants are the most vulnerable. Because of the constant hunt for the wild animals( the lions or tigers), they're under the strict supervision of the mother elephant for the long period. However, by ten years of age, the baby elephant can safely walk alone. His height and weight are quite large, which causes a sense of respect for other animals.

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