What is the most expensive dog in the world?

What do you know about the most expensive dog? Where does it come from and how much does it cost? Let’s find out together.

most expensive dogDogs have been most favorite pets for a long time. There is a number of reasons for that. For instance, dog lovers state that dogs do not remember how you messed with their tails or pretend stealing their food, which makes it so much fun to be around them.

Moreover, dogs are extremely loyal and feel the connection between them and their masters. Therefore, you will have no problems with strangers or curious passersby, as your dog will keep them away from your front door. And as a bonus to all this, dogs can feel your pain or joy and share such moments with you. If you feel down in your spirits, they will just be there for you looking right into your eyes as if trying to comfort you.

In the view of all these qualities dogs are considered to be the best pet and a friend. However, remember to check how much a dog will cost you, as it is an expensive pleasure: you should take into account how much it costs to feed dogs as well as take care of its health. And here is a list of the most expensive dogs to own.

most expensive dog english bulldog

And the most expensive dog in the world is English bulldog. It is not only a pricey purchase but also a dog that requires much medical care. The specialists state that English bulldogs are more likely to face heart strokes as well as eye problems. Bulldogs are also very much sensitive to all kinds of cold and heat changes.

This kind of a dog is considered to be world’s most expensive one in the view of its initial price that can be up to several thousand dollars as well as all the money you are going to spend on the veterinarians’ consultations during as long as approximately 9 years of its life.

most expensive dog german shepherd

Number two of the most expensive dog to take care of is the German shepherd. It is known to be one of the most favorite breeds of all times. However, as its medical issues are pretty serious, dog owners are getting less willing to get a dog like this.

German shepherd, though extremely loyal and beautiful, is quiet difficult to take good care of. They frequently suffer from all kinds pf infections in their digestion tract as well as cancers and dysplasia. Furthermore, the dog is around $2.500 at the initial stage. Remember how they used to be very popular in the military and search operations? Well, in the view of their cost and medical bills they are not that popular anymore.

most expensive dog french bulldog

However, English bulldog is closely followed by its French brother. This dog is cheaper at first; however, with the course of time you would still have to cover huge bills for treating all kinds of its sicknesses and disorders.

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French bulldog is much easier in the meaning of its temper, as English ones are usually more silly and uncontrolled. Nevertheless, the amount of money you will waste on feeding and treating it is a significant part of your decision on whether to get a dog like this or not.

most expensive dog chow chow

Number four on our list is Chow Chow. Honestly, this kind is my favorite. It is absolutely adorable and looks like a teddy bear. When I was a kid, I used to ride Chow Chow as a horse, and it never had anything against my idea to ride it. What a perfect dog!

As the studies show, this dog originates from China. This is where it was first used for hunting and guarding in the mountains. Even though it might be of some help to you, remember that this dog needs a lot of special care.

First of all, you will have to examine its coat every now and then in order to prevent fleas or any other parasites that can get in the coat before you know. The other thing to consider before getting a Chow Chow is that it is very much likely to develop diabetes or cancer while still living with you for no obvious reason. Therefore, you should be very careful when thinking of getting a dog like this.

most expensive dog mastiff

The next world’s most expensive dog is Tibetan Mastiff. This dog is number five on a list of the most expensive dogs to take care of. However, it is also known to be the most expensive dog ever sold. It was sold at $2 million at one of the fairs in China. As its previous master claimed such dogs are winning their popularity among the wealthy and successful Chinese. They believe that getting   a dog that has a blood of a lion is a symbol of welfare and good luck.

Despite all of its great herding and guarding skills, the Tibetan Mastiff is still very much prone to developing medical problems with its eyes, allergies, etc. the dog itself has a very thick coat, too. So remember that it will cost you money to prevent getting all kinds of bacteria and infections in its fur. Moreover, the dof is also very much likely to have immune problems.

most expensive dog wolfhound

Finally, number six on our list would be Irish wolfhound. Knowing that this is the biggest dog known, remember that it will cost a lot of money not only to purchase one but also to feed it. Moreover, Irish wolfhound needs more space to live in. In the view of its size, dogs are likely to suffer from cardiac problems as well as eye conditions, etc.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of getting a dog of a class like this, make sure to calculate how much it will cost you to feed it and take care of it. Large dogs are great guards and companions. Yet, they experience more health problems than regular dogs. Be attentive and remember that getting a dog is like getting a family member: you will have no choice but to take good care of it and solve all its health ir any other issues.

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