What is the oldest cat in the world?

The oldest cat in world turned 31 years old. Is it truth?

The king

Cat named Nutmeg, if to judge by his melancholic look, obviously knows about life something what we do not even imagine. Of course, because he has recently celebrated his 31st birthday. In a human measure, it is as much as 141 years.

This “retiree” lives in the UK, in Newcastle. His owners are Liz and Ian Finley.

In all appearances, in his calf years, he had gone through much. Liz and Ian picked up a homeless Nutmeg in 1990. They took this unlucky to their family when they saw him in the garden. The cat was suffering from some severe abscesses on his neck and they literally nursed him back to health. At that time, the animal was not less than five years old: in any case, the examination in the veterinary clinic showed that.


Since then Nutmeg settled down to his new house and supposes that the purpose of his life is to  "eat, sleep, and make a mess." Owners describe him as "a loving grandfather, sometimes not averse to grumble a bit." Findley always remind that he is not their cat, but they are his humans.

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And now the couple Finley decided to gather documentary evidence of their pet`s age. With these documents, Nutmeg can enter the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest cat in the world.

With his family

Meanwhile, according to the collection of world records, nowadays the oldest is a cat named Velvet from the US state of Oregon, who turned 27 years on August 1.

But the oldest cat in the history was a long-lived cat from Texas, USA. This cat died at the age of 38 years old in August 2005.

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