Where do lions live?

All treat the lions differently. Someone considers them terrible and dangerous, someone is afraid of them, someone admires this creation of the nature, and someone doesn't see in it anything unusual. Nevertheless, opinions of all people meet to the fact that it is the indisputable king of all animals.

Where do lions live ?

  The lion belongs to the cat's family, its weight reaches 275 kg, and its length is 3-3,5 m. It is one of the largest predators of the African continent which still inspires fear per capita. The lion paid high price for reputation of a furious predator, and was exterminated in many former habitats.

  In the ancient time the area of dwelling of a lion was much wider than present. Asian lions were found in some southern countries of Europe and in all Middle East up to India. The African lion lived in the territory of Africa, except the Sahara Desert. One more subspecies of lions lived in North America (the American lion). But fixed destruction and destruction of the native habitat by the person led to the fact that until the end of the XX century the Asian type was almost exterminated, and the area of destribution of the African lion remained only in tropical Africa.

  Populations of lions suffer because the person hunts him and selects the territory at animals, and also lions are threatened by diseases which can be transmitted from domestic dogs from the neighboring settlements.

  All lions have golden fur, and is available for males a shaggy mane which color varies from light to reddish or even black. Color of the wool depends on age of a lion, genetics and level of hormones.

  The body of a lion is ideally adapted for hunting: they are strong and brought up, have powerful forepaws and jaws which help them to kill production.

Habits of a lion

  The lion is called not for nothing the king of beasts. They live in packs — prides, like royal family. These animals behave imposingly and with advantage, without being distracted by different external irritants. Researchers quite often observed the lions sleeping on branches of trees and on the earth, lying a belly up. It seemed, nothing is capable to disturb their dream. Only having started something in their full paunch, it is possible to force a lion to raise the head. By the way, the muzzle of the full king of beasts expresses most often good nature and indifference, unlike expression of a muzzle of a tiger and a leopard.

Lions and people

  Lions is also valuable circus animals. They easily give in to training (unlike a domestic cat) and are quickly accustomed to carry out various tricks in circus numbers (it is possible to be convinced of it, we will remember representations of hereditary trainers of Durovy and other tamers of lions). If mother for some reason doesn't accept the young lion born in bondage, he is given on feeding to a dog, and then the lion for the rest of life keeps the peace and friendly relations with childhood friends with which he played in the childhood. In bondage, in zoos sometimes there is a crossing of lions to other species of predators, then, Tigon — the hybrid received when crossing a tiger and lioness, and also a leopon — a hybrid of a lioness and leopard are born.

Interesting facts:

  • The immediate family of lions are tigers to whom in bondage lions can be crossed. 
  • Lions take the second place among cat's by the sizes (after tigers).
  • The terrible roar of a lion can be heard for 8 kilometers in the savanna.
  • The mane of a lion helps a lion to be protected during the fights.
  • Lions can gather speed to 80 kilometers per hour, chasing production though can overcome small distances. The jump of a lion reaches 11 meters.
  • More rare mane, than at the African relatives, and on a stomach at them is available for Asian lions a characteristic skin fold. Ears of the African lions are hidden in a mane, and at the Asian - stick out of a mane.
  • During a pairing season lions can copulate 20-40 times a day.

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