Who among Nigerian celebrities has the cutest pet?

What is the сutest celebrity pet in Nigeria? Have you seen our celebrity pets? You probably know the famous Nigerian people, but what about their pets? Why do they choose dogs, cats or rats? Find out here!

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Nigerian celebrity pet lovers cannot but share their photos with cute animals. Celebrity pet photos make the fans go crazy. They are very cute and adorable. But do the stars choose these pets? Why cat lovers do not choose rats or birds? Let’s find out an energy aspect.

Who are pets?

Iyanya star


If to talk about the favorable influence of animals’ aura on human aura, it’s well-known. And not only because of the Feng Shui ideas. Our primitive ancestors began to domesticate animals without special knowledge, driven solely by instincts and intuitive feelings. And, of course, not only pragmatic goals were pursued: cats were domesticated not only for catching mice and dogs - not only for home security. It’s believed that there was some energy aspect. The same is with celebrity pet owners.

Animals, like any living thing, are amazing creations of nature. Each is truly unique in its appearance, character, habits and preferences. The pets please us with their beauty and grace. They appease our souls with a unique communion with beings such dissimilar and at the same time, similar to us. Our difference gives us the opportunity to learn a special wordless communication: communication at the mental, sensory level and by means of energy exchange.

davido celeb


The presence of a beloved pet in the house contributes to vitality. According to Feng Shui animals bring active yang energy into the room and the owner’s lives. Although different animals have different effects on the energy of the house. However the cause of bad energy in the house may be animals’ absence. The presence of a pet in the house will make your home animate even, when you are out. And therefore, the positive energy will be constantly present in the house.

Cats are rightfully considered the most powerful sources of bioenergy for man and his property. The main task of the cat’s biofield is to remove negative energy, thereby restoring health and strength of the human body, creating harmony and comfort in the house. Cats are dealing with this mission very well. Cats can be called energy nurses for man and his home.

tonto dikeh

Tonto Dikeh

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The dog is usually a guard, who deters the harmful substances. Its bark, like any sharp and loud sound affects the clots of negative energy and information. The Chinese firecrackers and fireworks are based on the same principles. They were invented to scare away evil spirits (crowing has the similar effect).

Bioenergy and aquarium fish as a single living organism is aimed at harmonizing the spaces - the inner world of man and the outside world space. Fish creates an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, calm, balance, stabilize mood and health.

Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah

Birds are called generators of information and energy flows. Their main function is to activate the brain processes, to stimulate creativity, to meet the aesthetic needs. It is believed that the bird does not allow owners to withdraw into themselves, and therefore prevent the depression, melancholy, apathy.

In terms of energy it is believed that the turtle is a harmonious union of two energies - Yin (negatively charged lower part of the shell) and Yang (the positively charged upper part of the shell). According to the belief the turtle bears a strong support and protection of heavens, it fills the minds of wisdom, longevity, and stimulates the body to a steady movement forward.

To have a rodent as a pet is better for the insecure people – it’s a bit odd, but it is believed that rodents contribute to the self-esteem of their masters.

The presence of a pet makes the house animated. And it turns out that the bio-energy will be present in the house all the time. It only remains to understand how to choose a pet, which is necessary for your home. Make your choice using these three things: knowledge of animals’ bioenergy, your own wish and compromise (making a decision asking an opinion of each member of the family).

Flavour celeb


Celebrity pets, like any others, no matter - cat, dog, bird, fish or a rat, ‘turn into’ the energy field of the host and its family and acts in several ways, as a ‘battery’, energy shield and ‘fuse’. There is a constant and powerful exchange of subtle energies between living organisms.

Choosing a pet, a person must pay attention to the conditions an animal should live in. Rats must have a clean cage, dogs must be walked. Whether it’s not suitable for man, he shouldn’t take a pet home.

In conclusion, we must add that pets will give positive energy only if they feel the true love and care of the owners. Giving them warm-heartedness, we can get a lot more than we think - family welfare, monetary success, personal development and a lot of positive. Nigerian celebrities have already got all of this, haven’t they?

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