Why do humpback whales become extinct

I was reading a article and it says that that are extinct

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Hello! That is a good question. However, according to the data I have found online, humpback whales have not become extinct. Yet, they used to be seriously endangered. The reason for this is that people started hunting for humpback whales long time ago (approximately 18th century), as they were a valuable product. During the 20th century they were hunted as well, and people were so sophisticated in their way of killing these poor creatures that in 1960s only seven hundred humpback whales remained. That is why in 1966 a special Whaling Commission emerged, and they suggested a strict regulation against killing these animals in order to prevent them from extinction. That is why their number grew from 1,500 to 20,000 today and they have been marked as "Low Concern" animals instead of "Endangered Species" they were considered to be before.

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