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Football (Soccer) Fans Are Idiots?

"He may look like an and talk like an but don't let that fool you. He really is an " - Groucho Marx.

Football fans are idiots. Or, to rephrase that sentence using less incendiary language: when it comes to football, intelligent people act silly.  And yes, that probably includes you.,9753,1551650,00.html

A prediction,

Here's what will happen in the Premiership this season: Chelsea, or Arsenal or Manchester United, will win the title. Liverpool will come fourth. One of the 10 or 11 teams who graze in mid-table will surprise us, but the rest won't. And at least one newly-promoted side will go straight back down. Surprised? Appalled? Or just thinking: 'Yeah, and?'

[url=,9753,1551650,00.html]From The Guardian UK (Sean Ingle)[/url]

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