How to export local products and make a lot of money?

What do you know about export and import in Nigeria? How can you benefit from selling local products? How can you make money out of the export?

Nigeria business is quite tricky, and some young men may ask the question on how to export local products in Nigeria and make a lot of money out of it. One the great opportunities for Nigerians is exporting local products, like Gallstones, Bitter Kola, Cashew, Ginger, Chili pepper, Wood charcoal, cassava products, snails, cotton and other. This sector of the economy is currently open for ventures. Therefore, you can easily gain maximum income with minimum risks from the losing of investments.  You also have great opportunities to grow and extend your market. The world community needs new faces on the market with better goods.

Do you know the conception of the global village? Now the world has become a global village with access to the Internet and new communication technologies. People just desire to buy thigs from another part of the world, and young people can make a lot of money out of that. Anything made in Nigeria can be sold on the global market, like cassava, bitter kola, coconut, yam, okro, almost every product. These products raised under the Nigerian sun can be named as a boom on the global market. Therefore, young Nigerian entrepreneurs can easily sell these products to guys in Russia, USA, UK, Japan, China, Germany, France and other Northern countries.

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It`s obvious that foreigners are looking for people who can provide these products in the global market. Why you can`t be this provider? It`s estimated in Nigeria, that everyday market of selling local products can provide thousands and even millions dollars to the owners. Nevertheless, some of Nigerians do not desire to make money, because export is too difficult for them when in reality it`s not that complicated. In a very simple way, Nigerians can export local products just by sitting at home near to a computer and make good money with this.

You can easily discover the secrets of exporting local goods without office apartment, with no bank account and even no experience at all. Everything you need is your convenience in the business you want to do. Do you like the idea of getting your own business to rule everything you desire and more? Do you like the idea of traveling somewhere several times per year for business trips and more?  The advantages of export business are enormous; You just need to count it in your head. You may desire to obtain the knowledge on how to make money with little experience and almost no investments.

The export business is a fantastic way to start your business career from scratch. If you desire to make money out of nothing, then export business is your answer. You may not believe, but in every business, the only thing you need for running any type of enterprise is your head. No investments will help you if you do not know how to use your head correctly. Therefore, try stick to working out your knowledge. Try to read business books, ask your fellows who are in the business, watch business documentaries. The only thing you need for business is head right now. Money, clients, prestige, these things will come later with experience.

The possibility of making money without leaving your home became possible with advancements in the information sphere. The information and communication technologies may be your ticket to the brighter future. The internet is the main source of communication between everyone. Nevertheless, some of the people just use this fantastic source of information for fun; other make great money out of it. The internet transformed the world to the conception of a global village.  Therefore, if a local farmer desire to contact some buyers from Germany, he can do it with one click of the mouse.

The farmer can easily contact importers and search for the contacts of buyers. If it's needed, the farmer can go further and call the buyer with his GSM phone. The buyers and importers can also go ahead with conducting the business and propose to sign a contract with the farmer for long term relationship. It would provide the farmer a stable income for a period of time and also secured method of payment together with the possibility to enlarge the production powers. Therefore, with little knowledge of export and import a mere farmer can get contacts of various buyers and importers.

That`s it the power provided by the internet. People started to make business with the internet a long time ago. Honestly, since 1991, when it was firstly presented worldwide. The export business is needed constant attention from the side of the entrepreneur.  Especially regarding transaction. If you have the ability to contact with people and get friends easily. If you have no problem with internet access and browsing issues. Then, the export business is right for you. Just try to stick to the idea that the main tool in the business is your head.

Desire and determination are two main factors that you need to use when you work with the global market. In your progress in business, many factors become obvious and quite easy to handle. One of the first steps in this business is finding a person who can work shipment for you; he is called freight forwarded. Also, you would need to make reliable contacts and relationships with local product suppliers. The next step is making contacts with export merchants. It might be sound difficult and chaotic from the first glance, but when you fit in the business, you can easily count income. In a short time, you can easily make money out of export local products.

What do you need? Starter Backpack

The first thing that you can`t ignore is obtaining a nice mobile telephone. The smartphone is preferable as you can easily connect to the internet and use Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Wechat if it`s needed. You would also need a bank account to place your money in it and make transactions. Domiciliary account is also preferable to have. You can`t run your business without proper internet address. The Internet is also a must thing for any business for today. You would also need some understanding of an export business process. And the last things you need is to have the desire and determination for work.

Online Based Export Business facts

You wouldn`t need to register any kind of registered public business or limited liability company with online based export business. You wouldn`t need to register the business with NEPC (Nigeria Export Promotion Council). You wouldn`t need to have large capital investment into the company. You can easily operate it as a part time business and then get to the full-time business. It can be your wonderful journey before the adult trip to the whole spheres of export business. Therefore, try to use your head and stick to the making money process.

You can make millions of Naira by operating online export business

It might come to your sphere of interests, that there is almost no gap between you now and you making millions of Naira later. All you need to understand right now is basics of the export business process. Basic understanding would provide you a necessary ground for exporting your products. It really works, especially in the sphere with a Genuine export order or contract which contains a secured method of payment for your concern. In these terms, you are on the way of making tremendous amounts of money.

You may be unemployed, or your financial status is an issue to solve. Nevertheless, you wouldn`t desire to be a person who lost all possibilities of making tremendous amounts of money? You shouldn`t expect that somebody come to you and gives you money. You have everything you need for making business in your flat, in your backyard. You may just need a buyer. Even if you don`t have much, then you may find a person who has too much of something and finds a person who has not so much of something. Just try to connect these two persons for a greater good of everyone of you. The only that can provide you money is your brain. You wouldn`t find a person in the world making tremendous amounts of money with using bare hands.

Big Secret of making money

The veterans of export industry are in dire need of new faces that could provide agricultural or mineral products within the country. As an exporter, you should secure contracts provided via the internet with using a tremendous amount of trade portals. You should also use your GSM phone for securing contacts. You can start with earning the commission which can further lead to millions of naira depending on the size of shipment.  Just try to think about few millions of naira gained in few months. Why should you continue to work? You may start from something small as a part-time business; then it may become a large empire.

You would also need a secure genuine export contract. This feature would allow you to increase your incomes constantly. Read some books about export business in your country. You can also reach local exporters and learn something about this business from the first hand. Nevertheless, in this article, it`s presented a short guide to the basis of local products export. This guide would also help you to understand the basis of business at all. Believe that there are thousands of exporters who search for your business and help in exporting goods to the international market. If you have wit and some assertion in your decision, then you know how to make money from export local products.

How can it work

Anything produced in Nigeria can be exported to the worldwide market. If it so, why local producer does not desire to enter the worldwide market and sell their products? The reason is in limited abilities of producers. They prefer to stick to the producing products instead of realizing them. Therefore, they seek for suppliers and exporters who can perform these duties for them. It`s natural; they desire to specialize only on the quality of the product, while you specialize on the realization of the product worldwide. It can be beneficial in both ways. Therefore, you expend the quantity and quality of your contacts and producers expand and enhance the quality of their products.  

You can make up to N600 000 monthly

This kind of opportunity is a nice thing not only for people who are already in this business but also for newcomers. You may learn something about the new project 1000. It recruits exporters and provides information about investors to earn N600 000 monthly. You can get all of that without spending even a dime. You can find the names of investors online without living you home. Nigerians can now have export contracts online. Therefore, you can get thousands of dollars by making deals with local and foreign investors. Moreover, with foreign investors, you can completely investigate the deals of foreign export.

Therefore, the program named the project 1000 provides you the ability to get experience in export business. There is also an opportunity for Agric graduates and geologist with automatic employment to get extra money. Nigerians may start earning money by exporting minerals to China. This big country is filled with people needed for exports. Why you can`t make these plans? You may earn money before exporting any type of products. Try to gather a simple trip to commodity and get paid up to N150 000 on every spot.

Export business for starters

If you desire to get into the export business, you need to get three important things. Money is not one of them. First of all, you would need knowledge, then the right idea and after that the market need. For any type of success, you would need diligence, honesty, and integrity. Many Nigerians run lucrative business and get thousands of Naira per day. They managed to make everything of it without capital investment. Their main profit comes from transactions. They understand the reasons of business, so they can earn thousands of dollars per month or even per day. Therefore, you shouldn`t waste your time by just sitting on the internet without earning much money.

Nigerian Collaboration

You are not alone in the business, so you can easily find relatives and friends in the Commonwealth countries who is already doing this kind of business. It`s not that difficult, and many know that. You may also work with Nigerians from all over the world, like partners. They can represent your goods on the foreign soil. One of the booming ways for Nigerians about export business is China. There are few billions people in China who may want your export goods. China is the second economy in the world and now they quickly conquering the first place in economic competition. You may also try to contact Nigerians in China to get more information in dealing with Chinese.

Export mentoring

The topic about you is not alone is about to continue. The export business is not something unreal and extraterrestrial. There are thousands of people who tried their abilities in export business. Some of them can mentor you about business in Nigeria. You may find their advice is quite valuable. They can even grant you the contacts of investors and exporters throughout Nigeria and throughout the world. itself. In any business, contacts and information are the most valuable source of income. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to get some piece of advice from local mentors. They can definitely teach you something.

Value chain

Nothing should go without a plan. Therefore, value plan is something you need to use first. Try to plan your export. You may need to find buyers first; they are called a contract source. Furthermore, you would need to find some kind a producer of goods. After that, you may need to find a logistic source. The logistic process is not something you would need to forget. It includes various papers, like contracts, documentation, shipment documents, bills. You would need to think about it beforehand. So, you would not let down your first buyer or lost your money in the shipment. Therefore, plan beforehand, it`s necessary for business.

Aggregated export service

The aggregation exporters are the special service providers, like gas and oil professionals, bankers and retirees. One of their advantages for you is that they need to enter the lucrative export market. You may subscribe to their services. They may significantly contribute to your business if you find ways to get their contacts. You may also need to present a business plan for them. They should need where to invest their money. They are definitely interested in getting more money. If you are the guy who can convince them that your export business is something you need, then investments are yours to command.

For students

You may get some money on the holidays by spending some time for the export business. There are jobs for young Nigerians who is seeking opportunities to get acquainted with this kind of business. You can export products from south part of the country to the north part. In some job offers, employers offer up to N 150 000 per one trailer contained with goods. You may find local providers and exporters, who desire their goods to make a trip from one part of the country to another. Therefore, if you are just a student or recently graduated from the University, that can be your perfect chance to get some money and understand some principles of export business.

Get employed

If you are not ready for the business yourself, you may try to be employed for the person who has this kind of business and learns something from his experience. Try to contact export companies in Oyo state, Jos and Bauchi. They have many opportunities for hardworking Nigerians. Moreover, it`s not just work; it`s also free mentoring. Of course, it also means some dedication and work. Therefore, you may get some experience and money at the same time. Moreover, some companies may offer you a part in the business or offer some money for getting new clients into the business. Nevertheless, you shouldn`t rest. It`s the time of making money.

Work with China

Once again, China market is booming now, so they need to find exporters for their country. There are a lot of Chinese in Nigeria. You may find them in the heart of the country – Lagos. You may also find some Chinese entrepreneurs in the North of the country, like in Bauchi and Zamfara.  They are looking for agricultural and mineral products. Most of them desire to obtain ginger, seasame seed, zinc, copper, lead. Some Chinese people in Nigeria may tell you that this country is the street full of money, but money Chinese people still can`t see it. Therefore, show them that they are right about the things connected with Nigeria, it should be the street full of money and happiness.

Export business options in the country

The exporters in Nigeria can engage into various numbers of business options. The full-time exporters are engaged in the freight forward operations. This option can be suitable for those who are available twenty-four hours in a row. The return options from this business can be up to fifty percent. All exporters should deal with export financing, export planning, export product sourcing, export contact sourcing, haulage to the warehousing, pre-export documentation, inspection and warehousing, freight forwarding, loading to the port and post export documentation. Therefore, if you can dedicate the whole time for this job, then everything is open to your arms.

Part time

If you can`t be available twenty-four hours in a row, then you may need to use freight forwarders and consulting firms. They would help you to carry some of your duties. If you stick to your work right now and not sure about business options, then this kind of variant is exactly for you to have. It`s also a valuable option for students who can spare some tome to make money. This kind of exporters may be surprised by twenty-five investment returns. They deal with post export documentation, haulage to the port of loading, haulage to the warehouse, pre-export documentation, sourcing, export financing, export planning.

Exporters with armchair

If you desire to become a part of this group, then you would need help from some people. Freight-forwards would carry on all kinds of your operations. You would likely need consulting firms to tell you more about business. You would also need some local buying agents to find products for you. This option is also good for people who desire not to leave their job but still get some income from the business. The armchair exporters may have up to ten percent of returning their money rate. Arm chair exporters are involved into post export documentation, pre-export documentation, export financing and export planning.

Export Brokerage

In other words, it`s a simple match maker. If you desire to become an export broker, then you are entering into one of the easiest branches of this market sphere. You can also raise some money to get into full exporter business. One of the advantages of this sphere is almost no capital investments into business. They only get finder fees for making money with everybody. You wouldn`t find another kind of business in exporting, then this kind. It`s desirable business for most people in Nigeria. You would likely to try to participate in one of this activity in your life. Therefore, you have a wide range to choose between any kind of business you desire for today.

More Nigerians should be involved in the business

The market for foreign export cannot be instinct. It`s at the very beginning stage in Nigeria. Therefore, every man in this country may have a high potential for the exporting goods. There are two main export options, like minerals and agricultural products. This country has a lot of resources to export. Why young generation shouldn`t be this kind of exports? They may try to work it as a part time job, then slowly begin their business with a full time business option. The crucial point is that Nigeria has the vast amount of resources and a greater amount of young people with bright minds for using these resources for export.

Export resources

There are thousands of option for products to export to the foreign markets. You may try to start with Coffee, Cocoa, Kola nuts, coconuts, ginger, shea nuts, charcoal, cotton, palm kernel. Cashew nuts, rubber, Timber Cimelina, Shrimps, sesame seeds, cow horns, prawns. Those are the most open option for people to start their own business. You may also find other options for exporting products to the other side of the world. Nevertheless, you should remember, that it does not matter which kind of product you can provide to the buyer. What is really crucial is whether the buyer would come to you next time.

Benefits of exporting

You may desire to get some interest in the work by getting some higher returns from the investments. You would like to know; that export business may guarantee you pre-determined profit.  There is also a short around the period of time for working and returning the money. Zero taxation with no need to open and register the business. You may have access to micro-grants with no tax. If your business is on the edge, then you may get microfinance loans. There are other advantages for exporting business. One of them is making a huge amount of money in almost no time. You can also earn some respect from your friends and relatives for running the business.

Countries to export

One of the first country to export goods from Nigeria is the UK. You may find a lot of friends and compatriots in the UK who are dealing business there. Try to get their contacts and start your venture on export local products. Another option is China; You can get almost everything from this country with its booming economy. The third variant would be the USA. The USA is the most open market for Nigerians. Moreover, it`s the most returning market for Nigerians. You would like to hear some interesting facts about Russia. Well, Russian market can also be a nice variant for using everything you desire and want.


Entering the export business is not an easy task, but it does not mean that you can`t be the one who can try to enter this kind of business. The main thing you would need for this business is your wit. Your brains are the most valuable source of information for everything. Be ready to adapt to a whimsy market. Most of all, foreigners desire to do business with Nigerians, if you build your export empire on the idea of honesty, then you have nothing to be worried about your income and making money options.

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