How to find out if a job is scam?

If you are searching for a job, be aware your employer is not a scammer. You need to be armed with an important information.

Any employer might not be what it seems. It is very important in a period of job search not to spend your strength, nerves and  time on unscrupulous employers. Each applicant because of ignorance  can get to the unscrupulous employer, or even to fraudsters. In the period of job searching, we are very vulnerable and trusting. It was made a list of points which can help to determine terrible employers and scammers. So it helps not to fall into their trap.

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An advertisement for employment

Vacancy announcements are posted on poles, fences or bus stops. The lists usually contain a vague description of  vacancies: working in the office, for example, often offering a job in a new office in the city center, with papers, with people. It contains information  about a limited number of vacancies. The promise of incredibly high salary comes at once. Take a note that the requirements to candidates are simple and ordinary - purposefulness, discipline,  responsibility, without any experience. Also, there is no full contact information. Contact numbers phone have different codes. This is fraud phone numbers. High-quality vacancy announcement must contain the full company name, registration number, industry, job title, clear requirements, the duties, working conditions, adequate wages and full contact information.

Meeting, conversation by phone or email with a company representative.

A company representative does not give full company’s  name, only limited expressions such as "large", "dynamic", "growing". Or gives a fake name. Does not specify the scope of company activity. Business seems strange or unusual. For example, not clear information about services,  productions, and marketing of cosmetics or consumer goods, networking, etc. is given. A company representative indicates  uncertainly your future position. The representative is ready to talk about your future responsibilities only at the interview, not by phone. If the question of wages is not discussed or no clear answer is given, it is a signal for you to be attentive. At the stage of discussing your candidacy, they can ask you to send a copy of your passport by mail.

Remember, you can easily ask the name of the organization, your position and responsibilities. And should get direct and clear answers to these questions.  If you have any suspicions, check the Internet information about the company, the names, and contact phone number.

External signs

Place of the interview is dirty, or it is a basement, and the company name is written on a shabby sheet of paper or printed on A4. The place of work does not look busy or is half-empty. There is no official sign or plaque with the company name. If you notice the tough economy or you are told a wonderful story, believe you are going to get none of it.


A large number of candidates are invited. The interview starts with talking about success and dream. During the interview, you are asked to fill a large number of questionnaires, other papers, and statements which are of no need. You are asked to pay a certain amount that  is necessary for the processing of documents, purchase of educational literature, etc. The interviewer promises you to take care of you and teach you quickly to make money. Note that any time you can stand up and leave the interview, it is your right. There are some signs by which you can determine the bad faith of the employer. The employer delays the signing of the employment contract. The absence of any official instructions and a clear listing of your duties. You just are given a complicated and difficult task that was not fulfilled by your predecessor. You are fined for ridiculous or actions. 

To round up remember  to do everything deliberately. There is no easy money and free lunch.

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