IS it necessary to get marry?

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Family couples usually like to brag in front of friends with his spontaneity/ immediacy. But how about such things say? Bullshit! The man who has everything in abundance, never try to prove to others that he is doing well. Why? Yes, because it's really all wonderful and it's written all over your face.

Married people are obsessed with immediacy. They have original ideas, which subsequently undergo a long and painful path to implement (in practice, not always successful). Months of careful planning and time calculations lead to a completely unexpected and unjustified stop "will do tomorrow". They would really like to fly for a week in Vegas, but it turns out that the money it would be wiser to spend to pay bills or to invest them in housing. This spontaneity leads to a solid compromise. And compromise sucks!!!

Life is given us to live. I repeat: not to exist, to live, to live a full life. Always keep moving forward towards the unknown, to achieve something, to be disappointed, again elsewhere and never despair, not to give up. Life should be loved, and to remember that she you have one. It is difficult to achieve when half of your time is IT! Instead of doing something that interests you, you are doing something that is interesting to HER.

Marriage is the end of sex

Sex on special occasions – you are familiar with it? Now let me explain: special cases are the holidays, birthdays and, of course, those days when you behaved like a good boy. This sex is the same bland and tasteless as biscuits without sugar. It always happens in the same place, in the same banal positions and ends it the same every time too.

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