Will suffering ever end?

will people ever be free from struggles

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To suffer means to feel pain. The history of the values of the German word "Leiden" deep talks about the experience that people have gained in suffering. Drevneevreyskoe the word "lidan" from which came the "leiden" means "to go, to go." Ie, suffer originally means something "to go", "experience" something heavy. Otherwise, "to go on a road with pain, have pain to your fellow traveler on the segment of their life.

Is the suffering pushes us to go on his own paths of pain, because it is impossible to give it to other people that they have lived our suffering for us. Others can share in our suffering, going close to it ( co-stradone)

How many people, how many destinies, so many roads, grades and the suffering. Can we go out of our way, for example, in silence or complaining; in despair or with hope, sacrificing himself, in protest, resigned, alone, in correlation with others, in prayer. We may suffer because of pain, because of hopelessness, of despair, of abandonment and loneliness, meaninglessness, etc. Life has in store for us many opportunities for suffering, so the suffering in both form and content are not so easy to bring to a common denominator or to understand it.

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