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Who Is The Best African Leader?

For a change, who has been the best leader among the pack of African rulers? Nelson Mandela presently carries the torch as the best African leader. His exemplary leadership in abolishing apartheid through self discipline, denial of self and a willingness to forgive his enemies has made him one of the world's favorite leaders. But his glowing attributes has been besmirched by his divorce from Winnie Mandela, who stood by him during his life in prison. My former co-worker told me that he could have forgiven her, if he could have forgiven his detractors.

Julius Nyerere was another favorite leader, who would be listed as one of the few African leaders who voluntarily stepped down from office. He was a modest man, eschewing flamboyance and a proponent of communism

But my favorite has to be Thomas Sankara. Unbeatable, charismatic and a visionary leader of Burkina Faso. Sankara was admired for his stellar political leadership as much as he was admired for his charisma. The day he was assassinated by his dear 'friend', Compaore, Africa mourned a great leader. During his lifetime, he declared his assets publicly, which comprised of a few material goods. His trips around the country was without fanfare, he drove in a Renault 5, banned female circumcision and opposed polygamy.

There are more than a few other great leaders of Africa, but Sankara stood head and shoulders (in my opinion) above his political contemporaries in Africa. His death was a tragic loss to Burkina Faso as well as to the world because his revolutionary leadership was a stepping stone for the reformation of his society.

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