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Aid For Africa, Is There Any Justification For The Cancellation Of Our Debts?

The recent cancellation of our foreign debt was applauded in close quarters. Some people hailed this landmark as a positive step towards development in Nigeria. Iweala spearheaded this debt cancellation and for some, she is seen as a contender for the President of Nigeria. However, while I applauded this generousity by the west, I would have to ask this question that is also mentioned by some pessimistic Nigerians, "Who really benefits from the debt cancellation'? Do kids in the village ever enjoy the fruits of this labor by the Minister, or is it some gimmick spinned around by some eminent Nigerians to gain the sympathy of the western nation. Already, news reports have surfaced that our vice president Atiku Abubakar is closely linked to a bribery scandal involving some politician in the United States of America. So, again, that is a blow to our image, because several weeks ago, when CNN aired our dirty laundry to the world, some Nigerians offered a rebuttal to this damaging document, decrying that the western press is only attuned to negative stories surrounding Africa, while casting a blind eye to the positive ones.

But where are the positive ones? Why is Africa still mired in the bondage of starvation and corruption, while their counterparts are spearheading a new wave of developement that is beneficial to the society? I live in America and I notice the relatively good life of her citizens, as opposed to the squalid life in Africa. What will be the contribution of our present generation to the lives of our people back home? Our politicans have failed us immensely, thus creating a nation of instability, separating families all in the quest for the American dream.

But that aside, do you see any justice for the cancellation of our debts, or do you think it was just a ploy to extend our corrupt legacies to the present generation?

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