What are the ways to download Google video?

Have you thought about the best and most convenient ways of downloading Google videos? Read the article to get acquainted with all the ways of uploading Google videos.

Downloading videos

To tell the truth, it isn't convenient at all to watch some video online with slow Internet connection – it's definitely better to have better quality and speed of downloading videos and then watching them, the best of the best option is still downloading the whole video. Unfortunately, Google Video does not provide us with a useful link for direct downloading. The video is most usually played with the help of Google Video Player, which is considered to be Online Flash FLV player.

How to do it?

Speaking about the greatest Methods of downloading Google videos: nowadays the easiest way is to download google video with the appliance to online video download service.

Apart from this method, you can turn to another one.

Follow the steps

It is important to know that Felipe Cepriano has created quite a fast way of downloading Google Videos.

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The main feature is to unescape of the Google Player URL applying a javascript function. Here you can get acquainted with an easy-to-use guide:

First of all, find and choose suitable Google Video.

It is so easy

Look for the page source code and find keyword ‘googleplayer‘

Secondly, you need to copy and then, should paste the URL of the video (all symbols after the keyword ‘videoUrl=’)

Use you gadget wisely

After this action you are to press the button Ctrl-L and then go to URL location bar.

The next step you should do is to type Javascript:unescape(”videoUrl”) where the aforementioned URL need to be the final thing that you entered.

This will output the URL on the broswer, copy and paste that needed URL one more time to upload the FLV video. Watch and admire your downloaded video.

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