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How Would You Like to Die? In a Plane Crash Or...?

With the rescent disasters in our aviation industry, the question of how ready one is for death has oddly become relevant. During this Xmas rush  period, what normally occurred is that  the rich take flights to avoid the mad rush on the roads. This year, who knows, they may travel by road to avoid the madness in the air!

Sha, if I wan die make I sleep no wake up.

But wait o, e for make sense if I call my family come give them advise (last words) then I just close my eyes come kpeme!

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Why Is He Lying About His Professorship ?

" Professor" Aborishade

: Former education minister, who during his term ASUU strike for more than one year

: Current aviation minister, whose term we witness " crash upon crash"

Now he is in the news again, somebody say " He is not a Professor". Please read thus

Why do they lie about their qualification(s) ?

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