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Mosseuir Wenger's Race Fight With The English: Can He Survive This?

Here is a man who changes the face of English football.

English are known to play "Kick & follow" until he came and bring in Afro-French flavour.

I could recall few Seasons ago, when he played 11 players, 10 out of which are black and "non-english". In that match, he played only the pony tail man in David seaman. there were hues and cries in England.

Now last wednesday, he played yet again a complete non-English on an english soil.

Now they have been making noise. Please read this link:,,2002390000-2006110613,00.html

Nairanders: What is your take on this?

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How Can I Get Rid Of Black Spots On My Face?

Hi Folks,

I have a problem i want solved as soon as possible. I have black spots on my face, what cream or soap can i use to get rid of them, please

Please i only need very good advise. I av tried using Ten O Six and other facial cleansers, it did not work.

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