10 ways to make money quickly – best tips for Nigerians

Wish to become rich fast? Find out about the best and surest methods to make your dream come true. Stop wasting your time and start earning.

It's hard to find anyone, who has never wanted to get rich and prosperous. However, very few of us are ready to spend much time and look for good job. We want to get wealthy just immediately. If you are plain worker, it's almost impossible, because you will have to work really hard for long time. That is why you may want to know about 10 ways to make money quickly.

10 ways to make money quickly

It might seem untrue, but they exist. Besides, they are quite different, so you are free to select one of 10 ways to make money quickly, which most suits you. Before we observe them, it's essential to find out what factors influence your income and how to keep money.

Factors of influence

Let’s find out what actually may affect quantity of money, you receive. The most common factors include the following:

make money quickly – best tips Experience. Many companies want to hire sophisticated workers. Besides, the more experienced you are, the better you are paid. Always emphasize this factor during job interview.

Education. This is important, as it is almost impossible to find well-paid job without it. It is required to have bachelor’s degree (or higher) for a competitive occupation. Moreover, with better education your salary may also grow.

make money quickly for NigeriansPerformance. The employer will evaluate how you have fulfilled your previous duties. It is vital for both promotion and new job.

Boss. This person actually indicates how much you will get. And those decisions will hardly be changed.

Management. If you have employees – you will be paid better.

Certification. If you have obtained some certificates or memberships in certain professional organizations, it will be taken into account. Sometimes, it happens, you don't have one required by the company. In this case, salary might be lower.

make money quickly – best tips Extra shift. Working hard and taking extra hours, you may get good reward.

Hazardous working conditions. It refers to jobs with certain level of danger (usually for people’s health and lives). Such employees get higher payment than the ordinary ones.

Thus, if you are working on someone, all listed above have the impact on your income. Nevertheless, situation is different, if we speak about other methods of making money.

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Ways on how to make money

Let’s look at10 ways of making money. Among all the possible ones, the most fast and effective are as follows:

  1. Surveys.
    Surveys.It is easy way to make money online. There exist websites, which offer to fill in some surveys or to test particular products and then leave review. However, you will not become billionaire with the help of them. But you have a chance get extra cash. Besides, it's possible to do it during time you are free from your primary job. Thus, you won't have to give it up. Among the examples of such resources, there are Swagbucks, Project Payday, User Testing, and plenty of others.
    This is effective way, because of low risk. It's impossible to lose your own money.
  2. Blogging.
    You can also publish blog on the Internet. You should know that it is not very quick, but very effective and interesting way. Remember that blogging is not easy. You must be disciplined and patient. It might not work from the beginning. Moreover, you may need writing for about a year before it actually does. You'll have to build special authority and so-called brand of your own. Then, you'll be able to earn, for instance, by advertising. For purpose of blogging, you may create website as well (or hire a specialist for it). The essential step is to define your direction – whether you want to write about celebrities, technologies, or any other issues.
  3. Ebooks selling.
    Ebooks selling.Ebook is an electronic book. It usually has PDF format, has cover and content. If you have some data, you want to share with others – it is just what you need. You may write some tips for baking cookies or other issues you're good at. Create ebook and teach others how to do it right. For this, you will need professional, who will take particular sum of money for such work. Or you can try it by your own. There are many supportive resources on the network. This is one of the best ways to make money online. Some Nigerians have already succeeded in it (for instance, Abass Toriola and Kenneth Ifeanyi). It will allow getting good cash amount.
  4. Sports betting.
    All people in Nigeria and abroad know about such means of moneymaking. It's exciting and interesting. Nevertheless, risks are very high in this case, because you can hardly know for sure, who is going to be the winner of certain contest. For example, in football, you may try to predict scores, saves, and loss. Though you could win enormous sums of money within a day, you can also lose a lot. In such way, you will have to use cash to make bet. Thus, in case of mistake, you will lose it.
  5. Affiliate marketing.
    Affiliate marketing. It's quite lucrative business and great number of Nigerians is eager to try it. Such service is offered by certain websites, among which you can find Jumia.com, Kong.com, Kaymu.com.ng, and some others. Your task is usually to help particular companies in selling their products. In their turn, they'll give you small percentage of profit. It may seem as if you're working on them. Sometimes it is not even obligatory to have a laptop. Thus, after some time you can receive a very good income. Such job is interesting and diverse, as the products and companies aren't the same. You can select something you like.
  6. Writing.
    If you are keen on journalism and like research work, this is nice opportunity to apply your abilities. You can write real articles on various subjects and get paid. Remember that you must keep to grammar rules and write in an interesting way to convince users keep reading. It might be and additional job along with your primary one. For just about five articles a week, you may get almost 20$. Of course, when you become sophisticated and experienced in this field you can demand more money for work. Even if you haven't practiced it before, give yourself a chance. You might turn to be very good at such occupation. Moreover, no investments are demanded usually.
  7. Selling your products.
    Selling your products.It is very easy, as it does not require any special abilities or knowledge. Everyone has something that s/he does not need anymore. So, why wouldn’t just sell it? There is big quantity of resources, where such services are available for free. For instance, you can use Kaymu.com.ng, Konga.com, JIJI.com, etc. Do not doubt that any items will find their buyer. Look at yourself – you always buy something with the help of such websites. You may require Pay Pal account, clear photos of your staff, and a good description. It's possible to sell your self-made items as well. This sphere is popular nowadays, so if you need quick money, just try this method.
  8. Get paid for being social.
    If you like communicating, it might be job of your dream. Nowadays there exist social media platform, which pays just for you being social. Just imagine you only must do ordinary things like in Facebook. Comment on photos, write posts, share, add selfies, likes, hashtags and get rewarded! You may start from small amounts of money, but gradually your income will become much bigger. The example of such network is TSU. Just join it and enjoy communication while making cash.
  9. Freelance work.
    Freelance work.Plenty of people try to find such a job. It gives you comparative freedom. You just work for yourself, you can do your work whenever you want. Besides, you are free to work additional hours or take day-offs when you need. Nevertheless, such occupation requires special knowledge or skills. Internet is also obligatory. Lots of offers are available on the network. There are also various specializations, including programme development, copywriting, marketing, design, and others. You can find easier tasks there as well, such as leaving comments or links clicking. However, they are not that well-paid.
  10. Farming.
    If you love nature and fresh air, you can earn working on farm. This field is quite famous among the Nigerians, as country's land has a very fertile soil. You can grow some fruit or vegetables. However, the fastest way of getting richer is to purchase farm animals, such as cows and goats (especially milk ones). If you study details, consult the professionals, you can start selling milk as soon as you buy animal. Goat milk is much more nutritious and healthy, that’s why people are ready to pay more money.

10 ways to make money best tips These are best ways of earning. Choose the one you like. You should remember, you must not be involved in different types of scam. It may spoil not only your reputation, but also the whole life. Be careful in order not to get in touch with various fraudsters, especially if you are planning to try yourself as entrepreneur. Make certain you are capable of distinguishing people with bad intentions, thus, your money'll be safe.

There're many ways of moneymaking in Nigeria. People are no more interested in plain office jobs. The majority of Nigerians prefer working on themselves or, at least, at home. And nowadays these desires might come true. The development of Internet and computer technologies allows people to select anything they like. There are such jobs, for which you will not even require any education or skills. All you need are strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and belief in future success. It is better not to give up, as sometimes bit amounts of money cannot come immediately. There are kinds of occupations, which will demand some time to spend. So, stay patient and purposeful. Take your chance and get lucky!

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There are many ways quickly earn some money. But it is better focus on longer term. Because, most of quick and easy money just as quickly go away. It is better think of more stable earnings, which will continue grow. Do this, you have concentrate on matter, which are genuinely interested. It could be anything, gardening, creating websites, writing books, cooking and everything. Main constantly evolve, look for ways capitalize on their ability. It's necessary love your work, then everything will turn out.

Answered 2 years ago.

How make money quickly? - Knowhow! Money needs a lot of hard work, flexibility and many different skills including ambitions. If you wanna rake in money - earn it! There is nobody to give it to you because you just need it or want it... Frankly, there is to choose from - Internet, local jobs, different big and famous companies. Show you desire for work and you got paid back as soon as your boss or manager sees that your are working and show your belonging to this job. Never give up, dress nice even if you have little in your fridge, have a nice haircut and smile. Then enjoy!

Answered 2 years ago.

Very helpful article, espessially it is actual before the Christmas and other winter Hollidays, because each of us wants to spend it rather pleasant and nice and to have a real ready and to get a great enjoy from the holidays and their vacations. Nowadays having a computer at almost every home it becomes very easy to earn money staying at home or while looking after a small child. I have a little daughter and now l am a house wife, because I am looking after her. My profession gives me an opportunity to work as a freelancer and l think I have to try such a possibility to earn some money.

Answered 2 years ago.

Honestly, I see, there are many kind of ways how to become rich. Today everybody needs money in their life. Inasmuch as now, we cannot do anything without money. Money is big chance making to change our life to the best side. Sometimes, earn money compel us, to find new idea, which it could earn money more than we wait. I liked the article so much. There were many interesting and useful information. Of course, today to find, who wants to share with his knowledge is rarity. I am glad to read such kind of articles on internet.

Answered 2 years ago.

Money - an important, even a very significant part in humane life. To earn their prossperity, we must of cours work and a lot of workin. In our time more often earn on the Internet, its quite normal)) Freelance, I believe, most real. In principle, this is probably most normal earnings, well, you can still Activities needlework, butt not the facct there are orders and sales.Of course we must always work, cause if u not work, there will no money... That's the from me.So, who want money - do not be lazy!

Answered 2 years ago.

Nice article and useful tips, thank you author. Could you please tell a bit more about TSU network? As I understand, it is invite-only web portal, isn't it? How can one get an invitation? Do the TSU network owners really pay money for simple communication? Does this network have many users?

As for sports betting, it's such a risky method to earn money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It is better to work hard and make an honest living rather than risking to loose your own funds or take someone's else earnings.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very good article. No matter what part of the earth you are residing on our technology has made it possible for anybody to make a part time income online. All you have to do is think about all the cool hobbies that intrest you and turn that into a business. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, or taking surveys.


Answered 2 years ago.
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