ATM Frauds: Your Money Or Your Life?


Like everything else in life,the advent of the automated teller machine[ATM] into the Nigeriafinancial system has its gain and pain.This is being attested to by theb comments of ATMusers in the country.While some people are praising the ease at which ones can accessmoney via the machine, the experience of others with the machine are not only about missing money but also life threatning.

A story was told of a guy at a ATM terminal in Ikeja who collapsed on seeing that his originalbalance of N164,000.00 has reduced to mysterious balance of N1,000.Similarly,in some placeson the net, i do read about the unpalatable experiences of some Nigerian ATM users scampost of which one of such goes thus:"When it happened {ATM FRAUD} to a kid-sister of mine that works with one of the second generation banks, then i said we are in for it in this country.I for one have not all been conveniennt with this technology as it has gotten so advanced in the western world (with its attendant thieves) such that we in this parts of the world would be,sorry to say, guinea-pigs in the development of same technology. But that is the future of consumers spending and i want to believe that the INTERSWITCH guys are really on top this trade. My people always shine your eyes!".

So having been reading,hearing and witnessing relatively similar stories, i am scare, because as an ATM user myself, i don't want to have a taste of such experiences.In the course of looking for ways to protect my money against ATM frauds, i discoverd how people are being scammed and how to avoid them.And i know there are many  ATM users out there that are concerned about the safety of their money who as well will like to have such information.

I am giving out the infomation for FREE, so if you are an ATM user or you know of anybodywho is an ATM user, send your email address to: naijatalent@yahoo.com to receive the FREE information on how to protect yourself against ATM frauds .

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O.k homebase and everybody in the house, here are the free tips. I just post my third post there.Found those tips that will never make you loose your savings through the use of your ATM cards.Free info here (add .(dot)blogspot.com to the url):



Don't fall victim of ATM card fraud.Ensure your financial security.


Hi, for those of you who sent in your emails addresses,

i want to inform you that i have just replied. Also take note

that the information was sent as attached and you may as well

need to check your bulk message to see it.

Remain blessed.


you are wellcome naijacutee.

if anyone is still interested in the remaining part

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Hello naijacutee,

Your concern about someone requesting that peolpe should send

their email is genuine.Because as a victim of ATM related scam myself,

i can relate with your being suspicious and when i said i'm giving ATM

safety information, i want you to believe me.And on the issue of posting

it in the forum, i thinking it will too long, anyway here is part of the information:

The World’s Top Twenty Tips for ATM Use

To enhance the ATM customer experience

Choosing an ATM

Tip 1

Where possible, use ATMs with which you are most familiar. Alternatively, choose well-lit, well-placed ATMs where you feel comfortable.

Tip 2

Scan the whole ATM area before you approach it. Avoid using the ATM altogether if there are any suspicious-looking individuals around or if it looks too isolated or unsafe.

Tip 3

Avoid opening your purse, bag or wallet while in the queue for the ATM. Have your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM.

Tip 4

Notice if anything looks unusual or suspicious about the ATM indicating it might have been altered. If the ATM appears to have any attachments to the card slot or key pad, do not use it. Check for unusual instructions on the display screen and for suspicious blank screens. If you suspect that the ATM has been interfered with, proceed to another ATM and inform the bank.

Tip 5

Avoid ATMs which have messages or signs fixed to them indicating that the screen directions have been changed, especially if the message is posted over the card reader.

Banks and other ATM owners will not put up messages directing you to specific ATMs, nor would they direct you to use an ATM which has been altered.

Using an ATM

Tip 6

Be especially cautious when strangers offer to help you at an ATM, even if your card is stuck or you are experiencing difficulty with the transaction. You should not allow anyone to distract you while you are at the ATM.

Tip 7

Check that other individuals in the queue keep an acceptable distance from you. Be on the look-out for individuals who might be watching you enter your PIN.

Tip 8

Stand close to the ATM and shield the keypad with your hand when keying in your PIN

( you may wish to use the knuckle of your middle finger to key in the PIN).

Tip 9

Follow the instructions on the display screen, e.g. do not key in your PIN until the ATM requests you to do so.

Tip 10

If you feel the ATM is not working normally, press the Cancel key and withdraw your card and then proceed to another ATM, reporting the matter to your financial institution.

Tip 11

Never force your card into the card slot.

Tip 12

Keep your printed transaction record so that you can compare your ATM receipts to your monthly statement.

Tip 13

If your card gets jammed, retained or lost, or if you are interfered with at an ATM, report this immediately to the bank and/or police using the help line provided or nearest phone.

Tip 14

Do not be in a hurry during the transaction, and carefully secure your card & cash in your wallet, handbag or pocket before leaving the ATM.

Managing Your ATM Use

Tip 15

Memorise your PIN

(if you must write it down, do so in a disguised manner and never carry it with your card).

Tip 16

NEVER disclose your PIN to anyone, whether to family member, bank staff or police.

Tip 17

Do not use obvious and guessable numbers for your PIN like your date of birth.

Tip 18

Change your PIN periodically, and, if you think it may have been compromised, change it immediately.

Tip 19

Set your daily ATM withdrawal limit at your branch at levels you consider reasonable.

Tip 20

Regularly check your account balance and bank statements and report any discrepancies to your bank immediately.

Courtesy of Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA)


I hate unhelpful posts like these. What will it cost you to post the "free information" here if you are not a scammer yourself?

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