how can Nigeria gain back the Value of the naira?

It is gaining some value over the last days, but can naira really regain what it has lost to dollar? Share your opinion on the future of our country and economy.

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During yesterday's trading on the parallel market the exchange rate of Nigerian Naira against the USD reached yet another historic low, as restrictive measures CBN and inadequate policy of the government has led to a shortage of foreign currency liquidity.

According to local traders, the Naira continues to depreciate as market participants fear the new restrictions from CBN, in particular, earlier there was information that the regulator intends to suspend the sale of foreign currency to counterparties, conducting payments for educational services.

Yesterday, new information on this issue has not received, but a source in CBN noted that the monetary authorities are interested in supporting a pre-emptive national economy, i.e. the government intends to encourage import substitution in conditions of fixed exchange rate.

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