How Do The Rich Make Money?

In order to get money on your way to becoming rich, someone must be prepared to give it to you. Unless it is a generous relative or friend, this is not likely to happen so easily. People will give you money only as a means of getting whatever it is that they want.

So the starting point for you, on your way to being rich is to understand what it is that people want. This may sound particularly obvious and very simple, yet not understanding this principle is the prime reason why most people don’t make enough money.

People will only pay you if you closely meet their needs and desires, or remove their frustrations, fears or concerns. What successful people do is use all their energy to get to know and understand what needs people have.

They do this through their research, their experience and their own understanding of people.

So find a better way to help satisfy people’s needs. This will be the cornerstone of your success in business.

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thats a great topic and hope more will be sent to inspire us.

Anyone in the house.



before anything, knowledge comes first, how can you do without it,

remember we are all created clean, with nothing in our brain,

so it is our presence in this world that develop our psychological and physiological self.

the ideal- rich people build rich thinking, in the nut-shell, they have vision.

they think into the future and make preparation in the presence, think about this.


" in five years time, what must you have become"?

so, if you want to become what you want, what should have to have happened?

this question always put them into thinking constantly on what they want to achieve,

remember :anything you constantly hold in your conscious mind goes to your sub-conscious mind (infinite intelligence). and anything that goes there must be brought to reality.

so it is advisable for you to always think of those things you like, Napoleon hills

change your thinking, and change your life, wealth is only a way of thinking. money is only a medium of exchange.

there is definitely a certain way to do things, the rich use this rule.

if you want to make tea, you will mix up the right ingredient,

so getting rich also needs you to the same, (from my dad)

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S[b]- a good topic from you- keep it up[/b]


I very well agree with Samsubo that to make money you have to find a problem and and solve it or find a need and fill it and people will be ready to pay for the services.

However there is another area of making money that is often neglected and that is the power of the mind in making money. In addition to finding a need and fill it you have to make yourself prosperity conscious for wealth or money making is a matter of attracting it to yourself through the power of the mind. A person that is filled with poverty consciousness can nevr make money, even if such a one happens to hit some luck he is bound to lose it some how. The richest people are not usually the most hard working in terms of manual effort although hard working is of some importance but the more the mind power one masters in this life for any purpose the lesser the hard work.

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Its through hardwork and much savings.You can also be rich when you set up your GOAL.

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