How Do Websites Make Money?

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I wonder how websites make money. For example i buy a cafe ticket to use their system for a period of time. Then i visit some websites. How does these sites get paid from my just visiting them. I know that the cafe pays to an ISP. Does the ISP split the money with site owners. I don't understand how a website will make me money. Please help out.

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Websites make money for their owners in many different ways. Some channels are more direct than others. A few respondents have stated the more direct channels, such as implementing Google Adsense or affiliate links for visitors to click on, and you get paid.

You can also offer more direct services online: web-based training, domain names, hosting, or resell someone else's services online.

However, most websites help their owners generate money more the indirect way.

For one, if you have a well-done website providing accurate and detailed information about what you do and how it cn benefit people, your visitors who need your services will get in touch, and you get to make money.

Whether you are a lawyer, engineer, technician, instructor, or even a stay-at-home mom - whatever your line, a webite can help you earn money.


Some good tips given above. Just want to add that if you want to make money with your website, 'give first, receive second'



If you truly want to establish an online business (not creating another job) you must understand that you need to get people's TRUST first, by providing quality SERVICES and PRODUCTS, afterwards, the PROFIT you desire so much will start flowing EFFORTLESSLY. Reverse the principle and you will only earn a few bucks before your secret will be out and then you will be blacklisted forever. Maybe you have not yet notices, WRITTEN testimony on the internet never go away! If one, just one individual discover you are a con-artist, a liar, and he/she takes time to write about it in just one paragraph, that testimony will be kept by Google and other search engine, to be presented to anyone that cares to find out about your INTEGRITY! So, wise-up.

Do not defraud people using false-claim. When you get discovered, the online community will never forgive you (even if they want to). Cheers.


There are more to be done than having a website and putting Google Adsense codes on it.

Did you know that you could have a website with Google Adsense plus massive traffic and still not make $5.00 a month from it?

Ask those who are into it to tell you the truth.

Did you know that you could have few qualified visitors and generate more clicks and more revenue from your website? Just know what you are doing as an expert.

The secret to generating more income and more clicks from any Adsense websites are:

1. keyword-rich or quality keyword contents (some keywords are valed at 3cents per click while some are valued $40.00 per click)

2. quality traffic (mostly generated by search engines)

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