How Much Does It Cost To Publish Magazine?

Hello house,

I wish to go into magazine publishing as i have an idea to lunch into the industry soon. Am very sure we have great minds in this forum and also i think there could be some people who are into it or have done it before.

I want you guy to give me breakdown or total cost of what it will take.

Thanks Guys!

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u can start with what u have, u might never have all what u need to start. and the more u wait d more harder it gets.

3 things u need to start a business

1. idea

2. opportunity

3. money

most times u have 2 out of 3, so maximize what u ahev and use it to get what u don't have that u need.

to start a mag biz, u need like N5 million to N10 million, but do u have that with u? well, if u do, u probably won't be asking this queation.

i recently started F-FACTOR Magazine with some of my friends, and we started with N1 million or less sef, and our 3rd edition is due out by 1st week in August 2010. Though no income yet, but we are ready for the long haul, no matter what it takes.

b4 u even start at all, u need to ask yourself,

are u in it strictly for the money? or for the love of what u do?


Im seriously loving some of the advice from you guys! Im about to start a magazine and i need lots of information. I hope the best to this guy requesting to know the costs, this will also help me as well my E-mail is carolina_bonita@yahoo.com


Men to say th fact it takes time and money, The last time I printed best colour mag. out of 1000 co-ies dey charge me 250k. I do design my self. It is true before you get your money back it takes time. your first publish will not bring you profit, you will sacrifies that.

Need more advise, contact me



Great comment from you guys.

All this will be included in the business plan and analysis. Meanwhile, internet presence is also an area where we will focus our attention.



I'll have to disagree with TerraCotta

3-5 years to become profitable? Joke of the century. Don't

tell that to Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase or Ibe Kachikwu

Print publishing is dying? My goodness! Don't tell that

to Dele Momodu or Nduka Obaigbena.

Despite the phenomenal growth of the internet, nothing

beats holding a quality magazine and curling up on a


Back to the crux of the matter.

There are many factors you should consider that will

determine the cost.

- Number of copies you want to print

- Printing material types you want to use (gsm weight for example)

- Type of graphic design you desire

- Staff hiring

- Cost of getting stories

- Other logistics

And many many more.

You're the only one that has the answer. From there

you'll determine your cost

I've been involved with the publishing of a magazine

starting from ground zero and it became profitable

from the first issue despite the fact that there were

no external ads.

As Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase once said, if you can't

profit or break even without advertising revenue, then

don't do it.

All the best.

Akin Alabi






Can't give you prices in naira, but you should estimate that it takes 3 to 5 years to become profitable, and that print publishing is something of a dying business. Whatever your business model is, I'd suggest that you seriously develop an Internet presence. Nigeria might not be there yet with Internet ubiquity, but you should be prepared for the future of the publishing industry.

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