How Profitable Are Affiliate Programs?

I want to go into affiliate marketing as i have heard that it hold a lot of earning potential for the hard working affiliate.

I have searched and come to know some affiliate networks like Shareasale,CJ,Amazon, and a host of others.As i don't know much about affiliate marketing,the thought of going into it and making real cash from it really daunts me.

I was wondering if any one here who is into it and is quite successful could tell me which network is the best and how to join them.

I will also like to know how to promote them.i came across the "Super Affiliate Handbook" by Rosalind Gardner,how good is the book and how do i get it?

Please i need honest opinions and help tips,thanks.

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If you want the book Supper affiliate by Rose. I can send you the E Version of it at a cost. If you trust me enough.call 08098111345. I will give you my details.


Affiliate marketing is very profitable but there are a few things you need to do rev it up.

1. Research and start with a good niche.

everything begins with this. if you get it wrong you will fail all the way.The best niches and markets and markets where people are always spending money.

example the four broad ones are wealth,health , hobbies,

2. Build a list

The people that make the most monies with affiliate marketing have a list of people . you can start building a list with a squeeze page and email marketing service like mailchimp.com.

3.Build traffic

without traffic you will make no money.List building is highly recommended because it is like owning your own traffic.

you can use free ways to build traffic or even buy traffic by advertising.The best thing is to buy traffic for list building.

These are just three good tips but you need , you can learn more from www.nairacow.com

hope this helps



One of the ways of making money online is through affiliate programs. That is, selling another persons product.

There are many sites which you can join only to make good money. But personally to me, I recommend Maxbounty.com They are good and reputable, and I also promotes their products. You can check out the site.

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