How to convert naira to dollars currency through online exchange?

WIsh to buy dollars or naira in Nigeria? Find out how you can do it online.

Plenty of people are often looking for ways to exchange their money. Nowadays the situation with Nigerian Naira is not that stable and its rates keep fluctuating. That’s why it is essential to know about the best methods of naira to dollars operations.

naira to dollar conversion

Dollars to naira rates

As the recent reports say, naira's dropped drastically. This information is official and confirmed by Bureau De Change. The truth is that during the last few days, the rates have been fluctuating. Official figures are fixed by National Bank of Nigeria. Thus, it might come to a kind of stability. Nevertheless, what concerns the black market, the situation is quite different. It is impossible to predict changes there. And BDC operators are concerned about it.

According to the official data, naira has dropped up to 330-343 to 1 dollar. However, the rates still keep shifting and we cannot say what to expect. If you compare the current rates to the previous ones, you will see dramatic changes. Thus, in November, you had to pay N226 for dollar. And a year ago, the amount was only 189-191.

The situation is currently the same on parallel market. The rates are equal, which is quite positive for BDC representatives, as there is kind of stability.

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Currency exchange

black market naira

There are many ways to exchange money. You can always go to a local bank, use forex exchange or any other methods. Nowadays one of the most popular and the fastest ways is online currency converter. It is easy to use and you get your money very soon (sometimes immediately). The main advantages of online exchanges are:

  • Safety. Of course, it depends on a particular service you use. That’s why make sure, it is reliable.
  • It is quick. All you need is to look for a deal, which suits you best.
  • Availability. Everyone can use it in any place. All you need is Internet connection.
  • Simplicity. It is very easy to learn, how to use the service.

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Stepwise instructions:

money exchange tips

  • Select a reliable website (for example, http://bdc.naij.com/).
  • Choose your region (the most appropriate place for exchange).
  • Find the type of a deal you need (sell or buy).
  • Select currency.
  • Choose a deal and watch the details.

You will need to call a seller/buyer in the most cases. Sometimes it is possible to carry out exchange by means of your bank card.

dollar to naira currency

Online exchange is very comfortable and easy method to get the currency you require. However, be careful and check the resource you use and people you make a deal with.

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