How to create a website that builds your business: 7 key things you need to know to run a site in Nigeria

People know how to make money in the cyberspace. Why not learn it now and create your own website? Get the best tips.

Why website? Top reasons for website creation

 website builds your business

Running a firm of any scale, you surely need a website for it. And you need it not only to go with the tides and recent trends, but to grow your company and profits. This information would teach you how to create a website and provide you with valid reasons to do so.

  • Online presence
    Naturally, more and more business today is carried out online. And website is sort of a base you need to provide and grow your online presence. Of course, you should not limit it to the website alone, but it is where you start.
  • Direct sales key things you need to know to run a site
    By all means selling your stuff directly is the cheapest way to do it. And you fulfill the task by getting a site for your business.
  • Ongoing work
    Site never sleeps, neither does  it take breaks for snacks or coffee. It works 24/7 and gives you more time to set back and enjoy the life.
  • Global reach
    Creating a website for your business opens up a chance to grab a bite of the global market and extend your reach.
  • Better client service
    Again it services your clients, while you or your recruits take the time off.

Types of websties

As you see, getting a website for a Nigeria located business can help you to get more clients and money going your way. There is a variety to types of them you can pick from.

  • Business card
    It’s a type of informational site and it can be pretty small and affordable in putting together. It holds all the information about you or your company and what you offer. It also holds the contact data or sign up form for the clients. Who do these work best for? They work great for those, who give services: instructors, accountants, personal drivers, coaches, consultants, etc.
  • Blogs website builds your business: in Nigeria
    Creating a blog is another option. It is the most affordable one. You can even find free hosting for your blog and carry it on in a DIY fashion. Blogs are great both for services and for product promotions. They are just awesome for turning you as a service provider into a brand.
  • E-commerce
    It’s a web recourse that sells. It’s like an online depot, but you do not have to operate through the online resources solely. You can adjoin an online store to your offline one to increase the sales.
  • Customized
    It could be a niche website to help you reach a new niche on the market or strengthen your positions in the existing one.
  • Booking or lead generation
    This website helps you to collect data from your clients through various sign up forms or it offers clients to book or buy your stuff online.

How to create a website?

 website your business in NigeriaSurely, exquisite and custom design websites take special skills to create. However, there are some options on how you can handle the task of website creation on your own. In most cases, it can cut down your expenses significantly and allow you to give a boost to your presence online.

Creating a blog

 There are two options here: you may use one of the prominent blogging platforms or you may find an independent hosting for your blog. Both have benefits and problems to offer.

  • Blogging platforms (wordpress.com, blogger.com, etc.)
  • These offer free and paid hosting options. Free one limits you significantly in what you could do with your blog. Yet, if you have no experience with blogging you can start there and later on buy the membership.
  • You get registered on the platform; pick the blog name and domain name. All the platforms are great because they offer easy to operate blog systems, where you can pick blog templates, customize them and start writing. Plus, they offer the bonus of network. You post your content and it gets shared with the community of other bloggers.How to create a website 7 key
  • Independent hosting
  • The other alternative is paid hosting and domain name. First you pick the hosting. It should be a reliable provider of space on computer, where you store all your blog information. The rule to go by here is: the cheapest is not for all time the best. Then you pick a domain name. We’ll discuss it in more details in website creation section. And you pick the CMS (content management service).
  • You are all set up and ready to blog.

Creating a website

You can also pick a free hosting for your web resource, but there is a sense not to do it; Being free is the only benefit of such a thing. How do you pick a paid hosting?

  • Decide what type of site you need for your businessHow to create a website 7 key in Nigeria
  • Find out how much of the disk space you get for your money
  • Learn the operating hours of your hosing provider
  • Do they support the option of having several domains?
  • How often the upgrading is done?
  • Pricing policy
  • An opportunity to create online store for your website
  • Possible limitations?
  • Email service?
  • Do they offer the back up for your information?

You should make sure to ask all these questions before you make your choice.

Domainthings you need to run a site in Nigeria

Here is also all depends on what type of site you create and why you do it. However, there are the general guidelines to follow:

  • Make it memorable and short (people need to be able to type it easily or remember it)
  • Use only letters
  • Get the right extension (.org, .com, etc.)
  • Register it to protect

Site building platforms

How to create a website This is one of the simplest DIY ways of creating a website. There are such places as Wix.com or DIY Website Builder, where you can use their “building blocks” to take the DIY path.  You just need to pick the layout, drop boxes and place them on your site, you paste texts and images.
It works pretty much like a building block game or a puzzle, where you put things together and figure out what look you need for the site.

Creating content

7 key need to know to run a site his is one of the most important parts of the process. You need to fill up that resource to get traffic coming to it. If you need the organic traffic (coming from Google and other search engines), you have to optimize the texts for SEO. This means you handle two dimensions when writing texts. You write them for people (interesting, informational, engaging); and for machines (optimized with keywords). The main thing – it has to be unique. How do you find the keywords? Use Google tools. You may want to use such a service as Evernote to write your posts and keep them all in one place. These are useful tools for site owners.

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Updating the site

A site needs to be updated regularly to produce the desired results. You need to keep alive and keep on posting new articles, pics, info, ads, etc. It’s a good idea to come up with content plan for your site and schedule the updates.

Go mobile

Make sure your site is optimized for smartphones and other portable devices, because people hugely use internet and browse site from those. It can add up to 25 percent of traffic to your online resource.

Website vs. blog

7 key to know to run a site in NigeriaWhy sites work better for businesses than blogs? Sites are multifunctional. In fact, they can have blogs in them and the combination of two is the best. The good thing about a site is that you can make it as versatile as possible.
You can add sign up forms, generate leads and sales, inform people and get the word out, include social media and flash, etc. It is an investment worth making. And you can grow your site over a time.

The advantage of running a blog is that the costs are very low or zero. If you are just starting your business or you are a freelancer, you may benefit from blog and then shift to the site as you keep on growing.  

Examples of great business websites of Nigeria

Nigerian web has some great site examples to offer. We will discuss some of them so you would have live examples to illustrate this information.


How to create a website in Nigeria 2http://www.buylikemagic.com – this is a selling resource. You can get various things in here: books, watches, appliances, etc. The design is simple and easy to navigate and use. It’s user friendly. A customer can register here and start shopping right away. It offers to create both wish list and checklist to make shopping more engaging and easy. The site loads fast and works just great. It’s clean and with no extra adds to pop up, which is nice.

http://www.jumia.com.ng – it’s another shopping site, where you can buy about everything in one spot. It’s got more flash media on it. The very first page offers you the information you need: you pay cash during the delivery time and you can get free returns of the stuff you buy. Sounds nice. The shop is easy to search and find the things you want. The photos of goods are great and they have sufficient descriptions to help you make up your mind.

Service sites

How to create a website in Nigeria 3http://www.easytaxi.com/ng/ - it’s a cab site. It’s a sort of go-between company, which connects drivers and passengers. The site provides you with easy access to the information you need. It has great texts, as they right away offer the solutions for the problem you might have: get more business going your way (for drivers), find a cab where you are (for passengers). This site surely makes nonstop money 24/7.

Business card resources

http://anowaadjah.com/ - it’s an example of a personal business card site. Its owner provides personal trainer services. She has great photos on site and provides its clients with diet tips and meal guide. It’s important to give something away for free and get your potential clients’ info in return.

Customized  site

How to create a website in Nigeria 4http://www.walterconsult.com/  - it’s a business consultant site. It has a very suiting design for the type of business they are in. it’s modern, but not overdone and dynamic. It has all the information in its places and easy to find. Great motto, nice and clean images; looks very appropriate and professional.

The truth is that your local market may not offer enough clients and cash flow to run the kind of business you want. However, getting a website or creating a blog you can break those limitations. The entry level for money is pretty low in the online business, especially now when you know how to create a website on your own. 

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Great post getting a website is now a must for any organization or brand and their are many application you can use to build this websites easily.

but the most importantly part is content creating and also sharing of contents through social; media and other platforms

Answered 1 year ago.

Nowadays web site is an important issue for every business person and company. Say you and help advertise your company and attract interest. The article is very good advice that will help to create a website for everyone. Help to navigate with a choice of type of website. There are examples of large business sites in Nigeria.I will also be useful for your advice, as I plan to create their own web site to work.

Answered 2 years ago.

Yes, now create a the web site yourself a difficult job, though very out Effective.

Without site for a company will not be successful advancement, because it is not only calling card.

Although the our year, 2015 websites can provide access to everything to anything, including entertainment, game and even money transactions.

I can state with confidence, if even be 1 day internet access sites are no longer work, will full the hell .. =)

In general, I myself would like to create your own website - a blog of Nigeria to do it a little harder.

Answered 2 years ago.

I'm debating considering all possible ways to begin my independent business through internet. Nowadays, we get an incredible amount of opportunities which be able to us to apply on a cyberspace. It takes so hated patience and diligence. To begin business by making deal with promoters, site designs, etc. would cost certain money, but it'll be better invest to make a step so then can easily going by yourself once as the site is known. However, the questions if it's possible selling music on my own made web site without being dependent on others. I gotta dig deeper! The start is required, need a push and many services offer their suggestions on promoting.

Answered 2 years ago.

As it seemed to me the task of creating a website is difficult technically. But I also think that keeping it popular among the visitors is not an easy job as well. You should always update articles and information, to be well up in people's interests and wishes. There is a huge advantage of having own site is the opportunity of getting money from advertisers. One may set a price for advertisement positioning and do nothing but get good income from it. The main thing one should take into account is that own website takes a lot of time and needs creative abilities.

Answered 2 years ago.

I have been lately regarding with a particular interest the possibility of creating my own blog in order to make some money from it. Because time after time i realize that my very potential income doesnt enough for me completely. That is exactly why this idea seemed as a pretty good solution to my money problem. I really wrote out some essential tips from this article and i think that in a very decent future thanks to this article i will be able in enlarge my income. I assume that these i whould be updating my site all the time in order to make my income stable.

Answered 2 years ago.

I have been lately regarding with a particular interest the possibility of creating my own blog in order to make some money from it. Because time after time i realize that my very potential income doesnt enough for me completely. That is exactly why this idea seemed as a pretty good solution to my money problem. I really wrote out some essential tips from this article and i think that in a very decent future thanks to this article i will be able in enlarge my income. I assume that these i whould be updating my site all the time in order to make my income stable.

Answered 2 years ago.

Sometimes, I think to make additional earnings for life. So, internet is one of way, which I see as my solution. Of course, the first I need some tools to make online business. There is helpful information in this article. Especially, I have liked about online service. Nowadays you can serve computer of clients with communication by internet. I mean about software helping. I think it is very popular and useful for any person. Because, we cannot seem our life without computers, and also we do not want to spend our time, when our computer will break. In that time we search easy solution for our situation. If we have help from online service, we will contact without any problem.

Answered 2 years ago.
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