How to deal with difficult customers?

You do not know how to deal with difficult customers? Do you want to learn ethical behavior with clients and psychological approach to them? Is the customer always right? Read the information below to find all answers to these questions.

Angry client

With the good comes the bad, and in business this means dealing with difficult customers. There are clients that are difficult for almost everyone. For example, when he does not know what he wants or his demeanor is not always delicate. It is more difficult to work with such clients. However, the degree of difficulty for each employee can be different depending on his level of professionalism. So there appears a question - how to deal with difficult customers at work?

Each employee as an individuality may have own particular difficulties: somebody does not like aggressive people, the others can not stand criticism, the third – silent men. But it is necessary to work with everybody who desire to buy goods or services.

Different characters of the customers

Everyone has a different character, so in the process of negotiations we can see a few features of the client and the change of his states. Let’s consider some of them and how should we behave in such cases. 4 types of difficult customers:

  • Rude, aggressive, angry client

Do not answer the same, stay calm and confident. More pressure and rudeness from the customer - more peace and correctness from you.  Give the customer a few minutes to calm down. Remember that you're at work, your main task is to solve the problem. You have to deal with the objective circumstances but not with the manner of customer’s behavior. For this listen to him without interrupting and without showing negative emotions. You must acknowledge feelings of the client, understand the reasons of discontent and after that you can begin to solve the problem.

  • Soft, shy client

This state of the client is the opposite of the previous. In this case, show your warmth, openness, support and trust. You must avoid the sharpness in your tone of voice and your movements and try to smile. List the various options and proposals and ask which ones are desirable for the client.

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  • Indecisive client

It is necessary to pay attention that the indecisive client - is not always soft client. He is always afraid to make a mistake. He is always plagued by doubt. He will repeatedly meet with you and check you. Therefore, discussing with him the specific options of the offers you need to narrow the range of proposals to two. If they do not fit him go to the next two, and so on. It is difficult to choose one thing for such customer.

You do not have to talk to the client about his indecision. You must be patient and in every possible way cheer and support the desire of the client to come to a definite opinion.

Solving of the problems with the customers

  • Crony client

There are clients whose behavior is too friendly and familiarly. Perhaps thanks to such behavior a customer wants to achieve concessions in something from you. You must behave freely in communication and simultaneously seriously.

In communication with customers you need to follow two rules:

  • You must execute all the arrangement in writing.
  • You should not promise anything extra. Never agree to circumstances of the customer that do not fit your company and contradict to company policy.
  • Bad clients

Don't take behavior of the customers personally. Remember that helping clients is your job. Make sure your attitude is always "I'm here to help as best I can." The reality is that problems will occur, people will complain and business will move forward. This is the nature of business – especially when it’s centered around customer service. What you take of this ultimately determines what value it brings to you and your business. Thanks to difficult customers you can strengthen your business and the overall success of the company.


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