How to earn respect at work?

What do you have to do to make your colleagues respect you? The answer is easy to be found! Check out this article for few advices!

respect at work

There is quote by Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then laugh at you, then hate you. Then you fight them, and then you win”. May it be referred to your colleagues and them respecting you?
Our job is like a second home, as we spend most of the time there. No wonder, everybody wants to earn some respect at their workplace.  People like feeling appreciated in any collective and when you are well-respected in the office, it defines you as an employee with high professionalism that anyone can rely on.

Here are some measures to make your colleagues respect you.

Become the best

the best at work

Hard work can make you the best worker of the company. This is one of the ways to earn respect when actually build your image. Try to find out all the aspects of your work. Dedicate yourself to it completely. It means learning your work programs more deeply, trying to perform any task perfectly, making more work than anyone else.
With time, you will notice that people will come to you to ask for advice or choose you as an unofficial department leader. This will also show your boss that you are one with a potential.
Hard is the most common and right way to gain respect at work.

Express your personality

express yourself

People on your job have to face you as a personality. Even when you work hard, they don’t see who you really are. So don’t be afraid to impress your feeling at work.
You may work as an accountant, but at the same time you are gifted at painting or singing. Do not hesitate to make some personification of your work place depending on your interests. People may get impressed with a vast variety of your interests and then they will know who you really are and see that you are not afraid to show it. Shortly saying, be yourself even at the work.

Impress people with outfit

outfit at work

Someone said that you should get dressed for the job you want to have, not for one you actually have. Outfit is something that shows people your personality.
Big companies usually have the dress-codes, and even then it is possible to be dressed as it is required but still look amazing. Try to develop your taste, always look perfect. Remember, we beautify our outfit, not the opposite.

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Be helpful

helpful at work

If you have more time than the others and you can use to help them it will define you as a friendly colleague for everyone.
Sacrificing the free time is what is done by a very small number of people at work. It makes everyone see that you care about what you all do.
Be a friend for everyone and you will make some of them respect you.

Get promoted

promotion at work

If respect means looking at everyone from the height, then work to get higher than your colleagues. Someone’s promotion tends to make people respect that person.
Promotion may also cause some negativity, but if you work in proper way and it’s obvious that you deserve it, you will only surround yourself with people that follow you and respect you.
Affect everyone with your achievements and they will respect you.

Consider someone else’s opinion

opinion of other people

If you are the boss, the respect is something that you need most of all. Being a boss is being a leader, and who will follow the unrespect leader? No one!
Gaining the respect as a chief is showing your employees that they work with you, not for you. Be attentive to what they say, ask them for advices, create the feeling of being a team. That will define you as a true leader which is respected by his surroundings.

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