How to make frozen food business in Nigeria?

How can you make frozen food business in Nigeria? What do you need to start your business?

frozen food industry in Nigeria

Do you desire to become one of the business leaders in the frozen food industry in Nigeria? Many people in Nigeria work in this business industry and make good money on it. Therefore, business with frozen products is a little bit complicated, and there is too much competition here, but people does not desire to give up and continue to live through the work together with friends and relatives. For urban areas, it`s not so easy to get decent fresh meat and vegetables. Therefore, many local farmers get a bunch of money by bringing frozen fruits to the urban markets. Even if you are not a farmer, you can still get some money for living and prospering.

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Why Nigerians will prefer frozen products

Why Nigerians will prefer frozen products


People do not desire to plant something in urban areas. Moreover, they do not need to plant something in urban areas or have any kind of domestic animal. Therefore, they would need farmers to bring these domestic animals and fruits together with vegetables on their tables. They do not know how to slaughter a cow or chicken. They do not know how to plant something and when it`s needed to harvest. Therefore, they will be glad to have their frozen meat, vegetable and fruits from you on their tables.  


When the food is frozen, it saves all necessary elements to be cooked and prepared. The frozen meat can be obtained directly from slaughter houses. Therefore, frozen food can perfectly preserve the freshness of fruits, vegetables, meat. One of the main qualities for food is freshness. Unfortunately, you can`t plant vegetables, fruits or have cows in the urban area. Nevertheless, everybody likes to have something fresh on their tables. Therefore, you can perfectly help with people`s demand for freshness. You can be their supplier of frozen food. Therefore, you can easily get to the frozen food business and get some money out of it.

What should you prepare to start a frozen food business in Nigeria?

Business Plan

Business Plan

You can`t start your venture without a proper plan for it. Well, you may try to work without a business plan, but it will rarely work. Many great minds start their lessons with a plan. Therefore, you need to prepare a good plan, where you would clarify all your directions and goals. Any good business plan should have: competition analysis, market strategies, finance, managements and operations, development and design. Therefore, any venture needs the plan to start it, and you can`t start your frozen business without proper plan and preparations.

Capital raising

You would need to think about finance you desire to invest into your business. A number of finances you would need to start up will depend on the scale of your future startup. According to your business plan, you would need money for renting, permits, equipment, employees, goods etc. There are various methods to raise money for this type of venture. You can borrow money from family members and friends, take government entrepreneurship aid programs or micro-finance bank loans. You may also try to use different crowd-funding platforms to raise your money.


Location for any business is vital. The frozen food business is not an exception.  If you try to start your business somewhere in a rural area, then you might get a plenty of competition as there are fresh vegetables, fruits and meat in rural areas. Therefore, you would need to think to start your enterprise somewhere near to the city. If you desire to rent a real estate for your business, then try to consider a location accessible for vehicles and people which also includes a lot of traffic. Try to consider places, like housing estates, grocery stores, food markets and bus stops for your location. They usually have many customers around. 

Choose your products

Choose your products

You can try to sell all types of frozen products on the market, but you would need to concentrate on something. If you concentrate on selling frozen meat, then try to consider which type of meat is the best for selling. You can choose from pork, fish, chicken, turkey, beef and goat meat. If you desire to concentrate only on vegetables, then you may also need to choose one type. The point is not in quantity, but in the quality of products. Therefore, peek your bestselling frozen food.

Get a supplier

Get a supplier

When you have chosen what you desire to sell you, customers, you would need to choose somebody who would stock your fridge with frozen products. Therefore, you would need a supplier. If you desire to get a supplier, you need to consider few things.

Your supplier should deliver products according to time. If costumers come to your store and see that all refrigerators are empty or you don`t have frozen food they need, then do not expect that they come next time. Therefore, try to get a reliable supplier which will get you products accordingly. So, you wouldn`t need to explain to customers why you don’t have some types of food in your refrigerators.

The quality of products is especially valuable for consumers. You should choose an adequate supplier who will give the nice quality of products. You should also think about possible drawbacks in this business. Some suppliers like to add ice into meat, so the frozen product weighs much higher with ice, but when you unfreeze the products, you may get an unpleasant surprise.

A good price is also extremely crucial for you. You wouldn`t get profit if you didn't bargain. Therefore, it`s an exact time when you need how to bargain with customers and suppliers.



If you desire to start frozen food business in Nigeria, then you would need to buy some equipment for this enterprise. Therefore, try to make your checklist.


If you desire to sell frozen food, then freezers are the first piece of equipment you would certainly need to buy. The number of freezers depends on the scale of your future business. It may come to considering if you desire to buy new freezers or barely used. If you decided to choose the second option, then try to get some good technicians who can help you with choosing the right freezer.


Electricity in Nigeria is a very big issue. Therefore, you would need to consider buying one of the generators to supply your freezers with electricity. Generators come in many shapes and sizes. It also includes petrol and diesel generators. Therefore, the point is, the generator is needed in Nigeria.


If you desire to sell frozen meet, you would need to buy scales. If you desire to sell frozen fruits and vegetables, then try to pack them accordingly.


Try to think about other things without which you can`t run your business. It can be everything in your mind, like tables, chairs or other necessities to your costumers.

Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

It is not advisable to start your frozen fruit business without licenses or permits. Even if you are not caught by the police, you still have a noisy problem that one day they will come to you. You would need to obtain relevant permits and licenses from authorities in the city where you wish to open your frozen food business. When you go the authorities, you may also have advice from the authorities about your business. You need to get these permits to avoid a shutdown of the business and possible jail. If you desire to implement a delivery option for your costumers, then you would need to buy a suitable van or truck to deliver goods. You can also make delivery of your frozen products free of charge for clients. You need just to implement loss for the delivery into the price of the product.

Try to think about marketing and advertisement of your company. Any company opening shouldn`t be unnoticed. Even if you are not good it promoting your business, you can always ask for the help of your relatives and friends to be your first costumers. You may also need to consider about creating your own website, banners, branded t-shirts. Therefore, you would need anything to promote and start your business.


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