How to make money as a hawker?

Can you really make a living by being a street hawker? Learn the success stories and practical tips on running this small business in Nigeria.

How to make money as a hawker

One of the ways to start a small business in Nigeria and make your living is to become a street hawker. Surely it may not be the most prestigious occupation, but it’s a good start. You can take it from there and do and be more!

The best success stories of hawkers

Surely you have heard the story of the bread hawker Olajumoke. In just one day from a street seller she has become a super model making a decent living for herself and her family. However, such stories are rare.

But can you do well in life being a hawker? Recently one lady in Nigeria shared her story of selling goods on the street and being able to support her family and even putting her kids through college. Another woman was selling second hand clothes and made enough to pay for her son’s higher education.

How to make money

And there is the Kenyan man Farai. People call him the best dressed hawker in the world. He makes amazing suits and wears them, selling bottled water. He was able to boost the sales and make good money because he respects himself and his clients and does his best to succeed. His story was read and watched by thousands of people all over the world!

There is one important truth to understand: you can be successful at any place doing any job! It is all up to you. Even if you sell goods on the street, you can do it well, be noticed and praised and make a decent living.

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What are some of the most lucrative goods to sell as a hawker?

Now, why hawking is lucrative? Because you can offer people the things they cannot do without on daily basis. For instance, they need clean water to drink and buy it daily few times a day. So, that’s one of the commodities you can start selling.

Another thing is food. We all need to eat. Cooking and selling street food is a great idea. Nigerian cake is one of the options. Moi Moi is another. And there are many other types of snacks or meals you can sell on the street and make money.


How to start hawking?

First of all, the good news is you do not need a lot of money to start this business. Here are few things to pay attention to:

  • Make yourself presentable
    Especially if you sell food or drinks, try to look your best and clean. That’s how Olajumoke and Farai got noticed. They looked clean, nice and their best. So, mend your clothes. Pick the best ones, when you go selling stuff on the street. Make a little investment. Visit a second hand market and spend a few naira there to get something nice to wear.
  • Set up a budget to buy all you need
    If you cook food and then sell it, set up your daily and weekly budget to buy all the ingredients you need. And try to produce quality stuff. This means the ingredients you buy should also be of high quality.
  • Pick the right stop to sell
    That’s important. And your goods should be relevant to the people who see them on the street.
  • Set up the right prices
    If you products are of the highest quality do not hurry to set low or high prices for them. Start at the lower end, but then gradually raise the prices, when you get regular customers, who value what you have to offer.
    make money as a hawker
  • Start small
    Do not buy tons of goods at first. Get or cook a smaller amount of things and see how it goes. Use the trial and error method to find the best items of food to sell. Do not hesitate and experiment. It’s your business, so be creative.
  • Be your own boss
    You are not just a street hawker. You are a business owner and your own boss. So, you cannot afford to be lazy or unorganized. Plan your work. Start by planning your day and week. Move on to planning your month and quarter of the year. That’s how you become successful and earn money.
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  • Do not give up
    You may not find the right product to sell or the right way and place to do so from the first time. So, keep on trying and looking. The only defeat you get is when you give up!

These tips would help you to become self employed and make a decent living for your family.


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