How to make money in Nigeria: 7 online and offline money making options

Get 7 top solutions for offline + 7 more for online money making! Get busy and start making your dream come true.

The last decade has brought some significant changes into the world. This change involves an amazing number of new ways to earn extra funds; it opens up unique opportunities for people enthusiastic to discover them and use them and learn how to make money. So, let us discover different options available for you in this area. Some of them remain hardly noticed by other people, so there would be less struggle there.

how to make money

Hints on how to make money offline

Method #1: Getting a job

There are two basic methods of moneymaking that work everywhere. The first one is getting employed and being hired by someone else. This method has some obvious benefits: you get paid regularly; you get some sort of stability.

Method #2: Running a business

The other method is starting your own thing – getting your business up and running it, and being self-employed.

For millions of people starting a business is not even an option, because they have no skills, no funds to start it and no experience.

Method #3 A combination of the twojob and business

However, there is the third way of how to make money and often time it works the best – it is combining the two first methods I just mentioned.

You find an employment to provide for your family and you go small and become an entrepreneur.

At first your main income comes from the job, from your employment and you invest into your self-development and in your business. Then gradually it shifts and you start making more cash through your company and finally you can quit the job and start employing other people.

7 offline business options 

  1. make money offline tipsAgricultural business

    Possessing a land, you can obtain additional cash out of farming. At this, you do need to get some practical skills and knowledge of the best farming practices.

    It’s a sure thing that people in different parts of the world make discoveries in this area. They work on green and eco farming and come up with some excellent ideas, which allow you to grow more produce on a reduced size piece of land and with lower input costs.
  2. Day childcare center

    Investing in your own schooling and in your kids is the best investment one can ever make. So, if you wish to learn how to make money, help others get it and offer them this education idea to other people. 

    Start a day care center with early development program for kids. BTW, you can find tons of resources online to put your child care development and training program together and start promoting it.
  3. Real estate

    If you have excellent people skills, you can start your small real estate business. You find objects to sell or rent and you find the clients – it’s the way to make extra income. You just bring them together and earn a fee for your efforts.
  4. Call center

    Today many companies are getting started selling their products on new markets and they need client support services. It’s where you can come in with your small local call center. The good thing about this type of business is that you can start small with just one room and few computers and internet access.
  5. Construction and repairs

    If you know how to do things you can offer your abilities to other people and get self-employed or put together a team of people handy in construction and take up larger projects. Moreover, that most Nigerians view fixing their homes as one of their top priorities.

    Many men go out and get a job to make money. They do not have time to use that money for DIY repairs at home. So, they hire someone else to do the job. That might be your chance to get some extra money coming your way.
  6. Boating

    In many Nigerian regions, such as Lagos the roads are a busy place. People get stuck in traffic jams. Some roads are of poor quality. However, Nigeria is rich with rivers.

    These waterways are not much unutilized. Many regions of the world use ferries to get around the place. This type of transportation is hardly developed in Nigeria.

    So, the competition is low there and one has good chances of making money on this type of services. Of course, this business requires some level of skills and initial investment.
  7. Poultry farming

    There are several benefits here: for one, you produce food and food is always in demand. Plus, you can start small, learn the handles of the birds you pick the best path.

    You can start an egg farm or you can grow chicken or other birds for meat of for hatchery. The main thing here is to pick the right breed of birds and make your initial investment in creating proper conditions in your farm. 

Tips on making money online

If you do have your day job or you study and have just several hours a day to make some additional funds, you can go online. It’s the best place to make supplementary revenue. This topic is hot today and opportunities are many. So, how to make money online:

7 online money making opportunities

make money online tips

1 Start writing or become a copywriter

Being good at wording your thoughts get to work and start writing. There are many online sites, where you can put your articles up for sale. Or, you may find sites which connect you with the people, who need their writing done for them. In a while this may even become your main source of income.

2 Watch videos

There are lots of sites, where you can get registered and get paid for having fun. You watch videos or do some other small tasks online and get paid for it. The income is small, but easy to make.

3 Earn with your social web pages

Social media is a hot topic for many brands. They want more clients to see their products, special offers, links or content. There are web sites where you can get paid for posting content on your social media pages and get paid for it.

4 Sell your crafts online

Many people do crafts as their hobby. You may be an artist, you may make fine things out of wood or embroider, etc. Get online and find some people fond of your work and sell it. You may start with social media and go to such sites as Etsy to sell your crafts.

5 Sell things online

Another way to be making money online is to sell stuff. You can sell local produce or crafts of other people. You may find some vintage things to sell on garage sales or local flea market. This could easily bring you some extra income.

As you may see, there are many ways to learn how to make money online and offline. Just keep in mind that there is never a lack of opportunities; in reality what you may really lack is the skill and knowledge on how to make money. Invest into self-development and self-education and start earning.

6 Start blogging

This is not something that is going to bring immediate profit. It takes up to two years or more to make your blog profitable. So, view it as a long term investment. You can grow your readership and besides earning on ads, you can sell your products through it. Or you can use it to market your services, such as seminars, coaching, etc.

7 Affiliate programs

You do not have to produce something to sell it. Affiliate programs, such as Konga.com do it all for you. What you do is you promote the products from your affiliate program and once they get sold through you, you obtain a certain percent of profit (around 9 percent). No production, no packaging, no mailing or delivering. Your part is to market and find buyers, and affiliates do the rest.

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So, how to make money in Nigeria? There is a variety of options, but all of them require you to get busy and to develop some skills. There is no such thing as easy money. Any money or prosperity comes through hard work, commitment and education.

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