How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria

Shopping onilne? Find out how to open a PayPal account and link it to your bank card to do that quicker and safer.

Nigeria, together with few other countries, like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Libya, Ukraine and Ghana, is excluded from the list of “whitelisted” countries whose citizens are free to get the unlimited functionality of transfers, reception and withdrawal of funds in PayPal financial system. So, the question how to open a PayPal account is a quite pressing for Nigeria.

paypal account in Nigeria

Starting from June 16, 2014, this was improved for citizens of Nigeria. Spokesman of the EMEA area of mentioned system, Rupert Keeley, officially stated that people of country are able to perform payments for purchases in the Global Net from now on, using PayPal in Nigeria, and they are free to set up their own system accounts for this.

If to believe rumors, PayPal earlier became unavailable because there was much fraud on Ebay and clients from USA and Europe complained about the Nigerian IP addresses.  People transferred money for the goods, but did not ever receive them.

So, the transactions with the highest risk remain for the moment closed to Nigerians and here we are about to tell you how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria for two different purposes: to perform online payments and for the money lead-out and transfer.

How to open a new PayPal account in Nigeria 

You have to bear in mind that you may have both unconfirmed and confirmed account. In the first case, your payment limit for purchases in Internet equals USD 250 per month. After confirmation limit will be deleted and any amount will be applicable for buy any stuff you wish, but you still will be prohibited to transfer and withdraw funds.

Signing up

To get started, visit the https://www.paypal.com/ng/ webpage and pick "Signup". Then, select "Open account" option in the "individual" corner.

After filling in the required data, click the "Agree and create account" button in a new window that opens.

Congratulations! Now you have an unconfirmed account, on which there is an automatic limit of USD 250 defined. If confirmation isn’t your goal and you feel perfectly fine with this amount for your monthly purchases then this process stops here for you (only one process step remained – verification of this account using the mailbox, about what we have written below).

If the unconfirmed profile is not enough for you, then get any of your bank cards – this can be a Zenith or UBA or GT Bank's Naira or any other official banking facility of the country.

Verifying account

paypal account nigeriaOnce you opened your account, just visit personal page by using combination of previously got login + password.

First, you should activate account in the system, using the procedure of verification. 

Push the "Get verified" button, specify the address of your mailbox, and perform confirmation by following the link from the letter received.

Then, you should attach any of your active (not closed) bankcard, of any payment system accepted by PayPal. 

At this time point, there are Master Card, American Express, Discover and Visa. 

Your card should not expire within the upcoming month and it must be usable for the Internet operations. Also, the minimal deposit on it should be no less than USD 1.95 (in local currency equivalent), since such a sum is going to be charged from card as the validity confirmation of one. 

These funds are then returned to you, a day after the confirmation, so do not worry – you will not lose them in vain. However, without the minimum balance as mentioned, a confirmation will not occur and different card has to be chosen that will be tied with your PayPal account. At this, multiple cards can be linked with it.

After filling in card details (number, owner, CVV code on the backside of your bankcard), click "Continue".

Immediately the withdrawal of USD 1.95 will happen, and SMS as follows will come:

“Account: XXXXX8765

The equivalent of USD 1.95 has been debited for the performed transaction СС*8765CODE 9876543210EE”.

When the confirmation screen shows, enter the red-highlighted code, in the box titled "Enter PayPal code (4 digits)".

After entering, press "Confirm" button and then the system notifies that you just have successfully confirmed the tier.

After that, the initial limit of USD 250 will be turned off.

The account now is at your full disposal. You may recharge it using the bank and proceed with Internet shopping.  Any sites accepting PayPal are good enough for this purpose.

Write-off will take place from your debit or credit plastic card, so there will be no necessity to enter PayPal every time you plan to finance the operation.

Remember that access to your mailbox should be guarded securely, because fraudsters can steal your money, if breakthrough happens.

PayPal account creation for money transfer and withdrawal

create paypal account What steps should be taken to use your account in the financial system not only as permitted by local rules?

Officially, there are no possibilities, so we will consider informal ways to circumvent restrictions.

First, you need a program that will change the IP-address of your computer to another as if it would physically be located in the permitted country. 

Such programs are called Synonymizers or Proxy Servers and they, being launched, provide an opportunity for substitution of your current Internet location.

Signing up

Using the information from Internet, you have to manage to deal the issue of set up such a program on your computer and to change IP. Assume that you have successfully done this and let’s move on.

After running such a program, you shall visit https://www.paypal.com/ng/ site and do the registration starting with selection of the country from the list, on the IP-address of which your IP forwarding currently set on. Assume that this is USA.

Creating "your data"

paypal account in Nigeria 3Next, you make the entry of fictitious personal information for a successful completion of registration. Let us stop our eye at www.fakenamegenerator.com. By using this site, you will be generated random data of the person – the US citizen, with some location and the ZIP code, which are indistinguishable from the real ones, as from PayPal’s point of view. Enter them.

Now are required to register a new mailbox, which should not be placed on the Nigerian cloud server. Gmail.com suits better for this.

Enter your e-mail data and click "Agree and create account" button.

What's next?

Now you have such an unconfirmed account, as we have described during the registration process for citizens of Nigeria.

After this step, you have two options:

making online payments

  1. To stop here and run the program to change your IP address every time you launch the payment.

    This has its advantages – according to the information of those people who have already used the account for several years for now, the staff of PayPal does not pay much attention to such small accounts with minor limits and fund transfers.
  2. To connect any bankcard to your account issued not in Nigeria, but in one of the white-listed countries.

    Having the option one, you may do the transfer and to receive funds, but there is always the likelihood that one day your account may turn up blocked or suspended and there will be no possibility to you to use previously available balance so they can be considered stuck or lost forever.

You will not be able to withdraw funds from this account to your card in any case, the same as there is no refill with Nigerian card or bank transfer anywhere from Nigeria, as there will be a great chance to get account locked or halted, based on the regionalism principle. But you can get money on it and transfer them to another recipient in the PayPal system (unfortunately, not to or from Nigerian person).

Proceeding the registration

In the second case, you should have any card that is not tied to the territory of Nigeria. This can be physically done in countries, whose legislation allows the issuance of payment cards to non-residents and/or to not citizens. In addition, this country should be whitelisted in PayPal.

Thailand is among these, for example. Some banks may issue you debit card for 1 or 2 years. You may connect the card received in this country to your account just as it written in this article, in the "Verifying account" section.

The obvious disadvantages of this solution are:

  • the periodical need to visit the country where the card was produced, for re-issue,
  • increased fees for cash withdrawal in ATMs in Nigeria as a supplement for the difference in currency of card and withdrawn cash. Such a commission can reach up to 20% of the total transaction amount, depending on the daily rate.

Is there any other way to do this?

paypal account in Nigeria 5Yes, there is another way, which is the most dangerous – you can ask your friends or relatives who permanently reside abroad, in the country from the white list, to open a PayPal account for you.

If they agree, then you can use this account, with login, password and e-mail address that they gave you. 

Here you can change your password, but not e-mail. If anyone accesses this mailbox, they can change the password for your profile in the financial system and to take advantage of your money that will be there at the moment. In addition, linking Nigeria's payment card highly probably leads to blocking of your account.

You can open an account, but using PayPal in Nigeria is allowed only for Internet purchases. If you want more, including the money transfer and to withdraw money from account to card, then you need to use technical means, changing your computer’s address in the Internet to the country among the white list.

You can "cheat" the system, but the connection of Nigerian cards, usage of local IPs could lead to your account blocking. The same as usage of someone else's profile – it does not guarantee for 100% that your money will be safely secured.


I was told about Auction Essistance for USA PayPal accounts, but I wanted to know if it is a good way to go since Nigeria Paypal's cannot receive money.

Answered 1 year ago.

Since I cannot open my account being in Nigeria. Do you feel it would be a good idea to buy a PayPal account in a different country from Auction Essistance?

Answered 2 years ago.

Very interesting article. informative and relevant. Long ago I tried to register on PayPal, but why it did not work. Read very carefully this information, did everything step by step,as written here, and I did. I often perform purchases over the Internet, very convenient for me to use such a system. I recently have not arrived the parcel probably got lost on the way, I wrote the seller about this, he agreed to return the money, but only PayPal account, but I could not open this account. Very good article.

Answered 2 years ago.
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